A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied decided to take control of his life and health. Mazher "Mazi" Hamlaani has been relentlessly working out for years. Now at 28yrs old, he's at an impressive 5'8", 68kgs, 5% body fat and keeps getting fuller, thicker  and more aesthetic each day. "When I started working out, it was to gain attention, but I soon realized that doing this to prove someone else wrong only gives them the power they always had over my mind. Instead, I embraced fitness as my passion and never looked back. I did it for me alone. Initially I faced financial issues while working out, as I was still a student. Then when I started working with an events agency, I faced major time constraints; since I had to travel for work and my working hours were almost never fixed. Round the clock reporting and ate night rigorous event setups took a toll on scheduling consistent training and food timings." Mazi says. But this never stopped him. "When you want it that bad, you find a way around the obstacles. Over the years, I learned to work efficiently across various aspects of my life, be it work, workout, nutrition, or partying with friends. Sure, I never smoke or drink, but that doesn't mean I ignore friends who do. It's important to strike a balance between all. Having very supportive parents is my biggest strength. Especially my mom. I would never have reached so far" he says. He doesn't follow any star religiously but is a fan of Ulisses Jr, watches his workout videos and reads his material. Mazi says "Third time's a charm. I did not place in both the men's Physique competitions I took part in this year. But that did not disappoint me. Instead, I took them as learning experiences. They only made me work harder and be more focused for Musclemania India. I will bring my best form yet, and am pumped to kill it on stage!". Mazi will be competing in Model and Physique India this December at the first Musclemania India Championships.