22yr old Rupesh Kumar who's from Chennai was a top 5 finalist at Musclemania® Physique India last month. Thick, athletic and symmetrical, he has a unique eye-popping 3D back, and an equally impressive front. He was extremely disappointed, being a lifetime natural athlete. He's a black belt in Karate, has been a sprinting champion since kindergarten, his college's team captain and overall champion. He confesses "I've been lifting for 4 years. Love pullups and deadlifts. Do them almost everyday. I've never had any off days, and am not used to losing. My friends and family always support me and they wish for my success as an international athlete.
From the feedback the organizers and judges gave me, I've learned that I simply did not spend enough time on stage, neither did I hold each of my poses long enough. Now my priority is to get more quality muscle and posing practice for the upcoming Musclemania® India 2015 series. I will compete in both Model and Physique divisions this year. Can't wait for it!"