Source of Inspiration

How does a 39 year old woman and mother of two kids have abs of steel and maintain 9-11% body fat year round? In March this year, she also won her first fitness modeling competition and then got signed by a global leader in the supplement industry, and is featured in various magazines and blogs. Sonali Swami serves as a great example, and is a source of inspiration for thousands of women. " I am an Athlete, certified in : Zumba, Bokwa, TRX suspension, Les mills Body pump, a trained 'Kathak' Dancer, a mother, a woman. I've recently been signed as a sponsored athlete for one of the world's top nutrition supplement brands. Age is just a number. I love being in great shape and health, and inspire everyone to do the same. I've had tremendous support from my family, friends and fans alike, and believe it's their love that drives me to greater heights each day. My favorite people are definitely my husband, two children and our parents", she says. Apart from her weight training, Sonali takes up to 30 hours of high intensity group classes each week. She is training hard for Musclemania India, her first international figure competition.

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Slow and Steady

He can fly! yes he can! 24 year old Pratik Shetty from Mumbai not only has a great natural physique, but also studied aviation in New Zealand and is a commercial pilot. "I was just 110 pounds a couple of years ago, and gained 45 pounds in a year. I always thought that the biggest challenge for me was to gain weight, and usually it's hard for anyone to believe I did it all naturally, but the right mentors and dedicated lifestyle changes along with explosive weight training helped me access my genetic potential and work positively towards that gain. Now is the actual challenge when the muscle gain becomes real slow, and I will keep building slow and steady. Based on the dedication I showed during my transformation, I was also recently signed as a sponsored athlete for a nutrition supplement company. My goal for the year is to place in the top 3 in the Physique division at Musclemania India."

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