Hardcore Punjabi

Once an unhealthy, grossly obese teenager at 160 kgs (352 lbs.), Karan Anand is now a 25 year old aspiring actor, wrestler, MMA enthusiast and model. Currently at 6’2″, 85 kgs, 5% bodyfat, Karan will take on the country’s top natural athletes at the first ever Musclemania® Physique and Model India Championships. With an indomitable will to succeed and make a health and fitness lifestyle choice, Karan took control of his life and transformed it. He says, “Being a hardcore Punjabi, it’s hard to resist the temptations of butter chicken and sweet lassi, but nothing tastes as good as losing half my weight and the feel of my shredded abs. Delhi has always been full of hardcore fitness enthusiasts who’ve motivated me to become my best. My family always supports me.” Karan made it to the finals of a fitness modeling competition in March and while he did not win, he says it was amazing to be on stage. “The experience has helped me in being more confident and more prepared for Musclemania!”