Guns on Fire!

Guns on fire! Musclemania® India heavyweight Suhan Khan had a big pump last week. He says, "It doesn't matter if I'm bulking or shredding.. Cardio is in my daily routine to show my vascularity."

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Your Real Self…

Lifetime natural Mohsin Khan is looking all year round lean. He says, "Your real self - the 'I am I' - is master of this land, the ruler of this empire. You rightfully have power and dominion over it, all its inhabitants, and all contained in its realm."

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New Competitor

Standing tall at 6", 176 lbs., novice lifetime natural Lucky Saluja is a banker by day and fitness enthusiast by night. Lucky says, "I'm getting ready for men's physique competition at Musclemania® Fitness India this season."

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Staying Shredded

Musclemania India Physique Mazher Hamlaani says staying shredded all year is just the way it is for him. "I have always been super lean no matter what I eat. But, because I have been eating to gain weight for the past couple years, I actually do a little cardio just to make sure I don't get any fat."

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Stage Ready

Indian fitness model Vipin Rathore is looking insane as he trains to compete at Musclemania® India this season. At 5'6", 180 lbs., and 7% body fat, he says, "I'm ready to show my hard work at the show this year!"

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Phenomenal Transformation

Musclemania® physique champion Bineet Bose shows his transformation. He says, "This is my transformation which i have achieved through proper nutrtion and workouts as my height is 175 cm and my weight was 82 kgs and during contest prep i was about 65 kgs so , i believe that if i can achieve this naturally you can. I was working a day job but i didn't give up. I followed my prep in a proper way."

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Newcomer to Musclemania® India, Anjum Shah is already looking the part. The 6", 93kg., mechanical engineer and nutritional expert is training for MM India in October. Be sure to follow his progress

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