Hooked on Bodybuilding

Quadzilla! That's what medical student and 100meter sprint champion Francesca Fesheila's friends call her for her obsession with building big quads and countless selfies of the same. Her back is no less. At 50kgs, 158cms and 10% bodyfat, Francesca will be a formidable force at the first ever Musclemania® India Physique championships."I am from Malaysia, but have been in Belgaum, India, studying medicine on FULL SCHOLARSHIP. I've been passionate about sports since I was a kid and got into sprinting, but a couple of years ago is when the bodybuilding bug bit me, and I was hooked on to it. I placed top 3 in my first local competition, and this year in March, I placed in the top 5 in an international competition. Not winning left me depressed. But my friends pushed me harder, I got support from people unknown. They gave me a complete picture of my positives, and most importantly, my negatives. which I've worked on rigorously in the last 5 months. I've been a huge fan of Ulisses Jr., and it was amazing to meet him at the MM seminar in Bangalore this March. That, along with his encouraging words to me motivated me even more and I am in the best shape of my life, getting better each day. I also landed a sponsorship deal with one of the top supplement companies in the world and am the brand ambassador for a few fitness chains in India. Yes, I love working my quads and butt, however, I maintain a lean, proportionate physique that is also feminine. A Cobra back and big guns are as much my assets as are my quads. My goal is clear, it's to win Women's Physique/figure at Musclemania [...]