Pune's Jitendra Chouksey a.k.a "JC" has always been passionate about fitness and helping others. It's one thing to develop one's own physique naturally over 14 years. But creating a foolproof system to help others for free and change their mentalities, lifestyles and lives forever is something unique. This father of a 11 month old daughter says "I remember when I first started lifting. I was just 14 and was obsessed with large arms. Trained them almost everyday. Over the years, as I kept learning more about various training and eating styles, I had various transformations. I have my principles in place and am lifetime natural. I've seen useless recommendations for so called 'supplements' from so called 'fitness experts' who're nothing but money mongers. Since when did clenbuterol become a 'supplement' for fat burning? And since when did mass gainers become the most important tool for muscle gain. Disgusted by such unethical practises, I decided to put all my learning into a 30 page booklet 'get shredded', that clearly educates the general public on macros micros bmr and other aspects so they can learn the same and help themselves reduce fat and build muscle naturally with minimal use of supplements. I work in IT, my shifts keep changing every two weeks, and it's my goal also to inspire people to not give excuses. My non profit venture S.Q.U.A.T.S is my way of giving to the community what I never had when I began in a small town, and even for years after." The S.Q.U.A.T.S private Facebook group now has close to 1300 active members, where over 350 members have already had life changing transformations in a matter of weeks. "Those who've changed guide others and the chain goes on. It's incredibly joyous and overwhelming to know I helped so many take control over their lives so soon! And it's great that legitimate ethical experts have joined me in adding knowledge." he exclaims. Jitendra will be competing in both Musclemania bodybuilding and physique in Mumbai this September. At 5'9", 73kgs, 7%bodyfat, he's training for a bigger chest, back, legs and blockier abs to match his 16in arms. He's also training 25 members of the group for free for Musclemania India. "My goal is to win and I pass on the same mentality to my trainees. Team S.Q.U.A.T.S will bring its best to stage."