Musclemania® Physique India champion "Lazer Mazher" Hamlaani is a master of physical illusion, never failing to look easily 10-12 pounds heavier than his actual weight. Clearly, he's taken his physique to a whole new level over the last 4 months since winning the inaugural show. "I've had no problems keeping my bodyfat low. My musclemass increases a bit once every few weeks. But I'm working on that illusion. Stay light, look huge." he says
He continues "For a while I did doubt if I'll be ready to face those monsters in June, but then some of my closest friends and mentors told me I need not bother about anyone else. Rather, just focus on developing myself to be the best I can and that most competition winners are those who are really confident of themselves and own the stage. Moreover, they said they're confident my physique is so unique, I will definitely grab lot of attention and be tough competition. That's what motivated me to give my all, full force, and there's no stopping me now!"
With just under 3 weeks for Musclemania® Universe Championships in Miami, follow Mazher Hamlaani as he trains to be the first ever Indian to become a Musclemania® international PRO.