From a skinny 110 pound kid to a robust 160 pounds, 23 year old art student and aspiring actor Mohit Thakur has transformed himself into one of the most aesthetic physique athletes in India. "Mumbai is the fitness capital of India and got me obsessed with lifting," Mohit says. "As a skinny kid, there were a lot of naysayers who said it's not possible to get big with my genetics, so I then proceeded to add 50 pounds and shut them up."  Mohit has won the Mr. Mumbai Intercollege Physique competition and says he's ready now for Musclemania® India in December. "This is my life now, being shredded as hell, inspiring others to be the fittest they can be. My father is my biggest supporter and fan".  Mohit will be a top contender in both the Men's Physique and Muscle Model categories at MM India. He's adding some more muscle mass and is working on improving conditioning over the next two months.