27 year old personal trainer Surya "OX Diesel"  from Chennai thinks motivation is overrated. One of his favorite quotes is "Motivation is a short-term emotion. A "sometimes" feeling. Commitment, on the other hand, is an all-the-time state. Complete with all-the-time behaviours, standards, and a non-negotiable mindset. Unlike motivation, commitment is not fleeting, wavering or unpredictable. It is a constant. People who rely solely on the heightened emotional state of motivation to produce long-term positive change rarely succeed because their choices, actions and results are invariably determined by their ever-changing level of motivation. That is, their level of excitement, enthusiasm and focus on a given day. Some people will spend their lives at the mercy of their unreliable emotions rather than exploring their potential and possibilities via their strength, courage and conviction. Stopping and starting but rarely getting the job done over the long term. Thinking, planning and intending their way to nowhere in particular. When you are totally committed to your dreams, goals and values, your day to day level of motivation will be irrelevant and unimportant." At 5'8", and 156 lbs, this committed Bachelor of business administration is competing at the first Muclemania Model India ,in pursuit of his dream to be one of the top models worldwide.