Model India™ Championships is for attractive women and men from around the world. Contestants must have stunning looks, an athletic body and know how to present themselves in a sexy and marketable manner for the judging panel and live & television audience. Contestants must be in good mental & physical health and do not need any stage, runway, photo, video, commercial or any other modeling experience. There are no prescribed height and/or weight limitations.

There are five Divisions depending upon gender and model preference as follows:

  • Fashion Model Women
  • Fashion Model Men
  • Fitness Model Women
  • Fitness Model Men
  • Muscle Model Men

All contestants will be required to perform a runway style presentation in all 3 of the following Competition Rounds.

  • Sportswear – Active sports apparel appropriate for athletics; Theme selection welcome.
  • Swimsuit – (Women - NOT COMPULSORY), Men in one color suit (no patterns or logos) and bare feet.
  • Clubwear – Night and social lifestyle.

The judging criteria will be scored upon the following considerations:

  • Physical Appearance – Body shape, complexion, face, hair and smile 40%
  • Presence & Presentation - Poise, posture and presentation 40%
  • Apparel – Coordination, fit and proportion 20%

Contestants must submit a Model Application and include (1) entry form, (2) swimsuit or sportswear photograph and (3) registration & membership fees. Photos do not need to be professional

[home snapshots are acceptable] and should be submitted to [email protected]. Please state your (1) name, (2) state or country of residence and (3) competition division.


The Official Judging Panel will consist of recognized and respected professionals from talent, commercial, modeling and sports agencies and respected entertainment executives, apparel designers, choreographers will serve.


Walking, turning and posing in an overly sexual manner including bending over in a reverse position, spreading of legs beyond shoulder width, moves indicative of a stripper or other provocative body positions and/or movements will result in a deduction of points at the discretion of each judge.


Each year, competitors of the Musclemania® events are publicized in fitness, model and bodybuilding magazines in the US and around the world. Dozens of magazine photographers and publishers attend and seek athletes and models with "the right look". Because the Musclemania® shows are natural events and feature drug-free competitors, media representatives know to expect a marketable and promotable group to choose for their publications. In addition, numerous talent and commercial agents and personal managers attend in search of the next star. Bodybuilding photographers are abound, too, shooting throughout the weekend for various magazine covers, features and profiles. Come to the Musclemania® India Event to see and be seen!