At 5'9", 70kgs, Vasanth Kumar aka "Spartan" has been training for 12years starting from the 6th grade, with passion for running and football. His father and most of his family were fishermen. His father was a kabaddi player and so is his brother. Hence the interest in sports and genetics for the same stemmed from there. Due to politics, he never made it to the main school team until the 9th grade although he won many titles at the house level. When he finally made the school team, he was cussed at by his teammates initially for losing 400mtrs races 4 times. But they never knew he didn't have proper running shoes. His training was on the streets and in the beach. When the sports master at school realized his plight, he explained his situation to the school headmaster and got Vasanth a full scholarship. He successfully trained and in 2010, won silver in both state and then national level championships. "I won a scholarship and sports quota entry in BSc. Visual Communication. Did well in college but unfortunately both my hamstrings tore in 2013. I started training at the gym to recover from my Injuries and got hooked to weights. I moved to Bangalore to work as a trainer at a gym but had health issues there. I came back to Chennai after completing a personal trainer certification and was blessed with a job at Gold's Gym Adyar. It's never been easy but with the kind of people, equipment and environment here, I've been able to get myself into the best shape of my life over the last one year. It's a dream come true to be sponsored by Core. Finally an unknown financially struggling guy like me got lucky and I'm grateful for the same. Model India Chennai, here I come!"