At 5'7", 60kgs, 27yrs, Kolkata's Afroz Khan already looks stage ready 6 weeks pre contest. He says "I've been training for 5 years and am lifetime natural. I come from a middle class typical Indian family which discourages bodybuilding but this is what I love doing. When working on a tight budget and time constraints, given the Indian climate, yes, I've not really gained much muscle in five years, but I'm proud to be natty. It's the principles that matter. I've been asked by many so called 'professionals' to use steroids. They tell me it's a waste to train naturally but all I do is pity them and give em a smile."
Afroz is one of the thousands of Natural athletes in the country who've been waiting for a platform where they can compete. He says "Finally a platform for people like us. It's Ramzaan and even though I'm fasting, I still train everyday. Training empty stomach does produce higher levels of growth hormone naturally so I'm getting thicker."