A full time IT job, a strict political family where showing even a little skin is a strict no-no, and a phase of depression earlier in her life, none of these could stop Ankita Singh from following her passion for fitness and excelling in it. "I have a strong bond with iron. It helps me just let loose and do what I want. I experienced my low and underwent depression in second year of Engineering due to some personal issues. I needed something where I could vent out my anger and pain. I went to a local dungeon gym and somehow found the solace I was looking for all my life. It was an instant love affair. Off late, 'strength' has been my prime focus in training. Getting stronger and sculpting my body for 6 years now, and doing all this being an Indian woman from a traditional family certainly hasn't been easy. But the fight in me has also helped me build a fan base of 30,000 inspired fans on facebook in a span of 3 months, and also there's a bit less resistance to deal with. I am also very flexible, thanks to martial arts, yoga and aerobics. I want to be one of the top female international athletes and fitness models that India has ever produced. Musclemania India will be a great platform to put all those years of work to test and I simply cant wait to kill it on stage and someday be a MM PRO!!!"