26 year old Bangalorean Gagan Ramesh was an aspiring tennis player whose dreams were shattered when he met with a horrible accident. But with every adverse situation comes opportunity. Not only did he place a painfully close 2nd in the Physique tall class division (by just 1 point!), he also went on to become the country's first ever Isopure athlete, signing through last year's Platinum Sponsor Glanbia. Considering his laundry list of credits including studying at the London school of Economics, the Aston University UK, leading multiple social service initiatives and being the youngest leader at the global giant InMobi, his passion for fitness triumphs all. At 6'1" and 77kgs on stage last year, he's now lean bulked to a gargantuan 95kgs, and will cut to 90 over the next 7 weeks before the Bangalore show. He says " Bodybuilding really started as rehabilitation for a broken back and knee. The doctors said I could never train again. I travel really far just to earn and make ends meet. Everyone knows how expensive a perfect bodybuilding lifestyle can get. Coupled with huge student loans, it certainly has been a trying period of my life. I wake up at 5.30 am, hit the gym at 6.30, train for 2 hours, and get to work by 9.30. I work two time zones, Europe and Africa and wrap up by 8 in the night. I then help out in the Inmobi office gym as a visiting nutrition consultant and trainer till 10 and reach home only by 11pm everyday. Of course it wouldn't be possible without my amazing family and friends supporting me.
Everyone believes in me, but the one person who made me believe in myself is my current trainer Vivek Neopany. I want to win this for him and his passion for helping bodybuilding. I can't express how heavily he influences everyone he meets to change themselves for the better.
I am HUGE fan of Musclemania® because of it's influence on natural bodybuilding. In the best shape of my life, and pumped that a good 50-60 of my social circle will be in the front rows screaming for me!"