During pandemic lockdown, Goa IT engineer Pradhan Ulhas had a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands to train with for 3 months. He says, "I got tired sitting around all day trash eating and watching Netflix and Prime. So, I self motivated, set some goals and got starts training and dieted while held up in at home."

1 May - 66 kgs - 5'5"
23 July - 58 kgs - 5'5"

Pradhan explains, "Anybody who wants to know how its done naturally, its all about mindset, will power, dedication, hard work, patience and qualified nutrition day in and day out. I worked out 6 days a week and managed to put on muscle mass while loosing fat at same time."

"Once gyms open up next week, I have plans to pack on some muscle mass and compete at Musclemania® India Physique Championships."