Vipin Raj says, "I often get this question, 'How to get abs?' or 'How to get a small waist?'"

"Well, the waist size something that's genetic. If you have a small waist naturally, then it's good. But if you're holding on a lot of belly fat, then it's something that can be fixed with right nutrition and cardio. Eat in a caloric deficit and burn some calories by doing strength training and cardio."

"Strength training to develop muscles so that they'll be visible after your fat loss phase ends. The same goes for abs. If your abdominal muscles are developed, then you only need to lose extra bodyfat. If your muscles are not developed yet, first build them by being in a slight caloric surplus, training your core and then switch to fat loss."

"It's that simple. All you need is right info, dedication and hard work. You can achieve anything you set your mind to!"