Musclemania® India Physique Champion Pranav Saini says, for him it's just not building muscles but it's more like fighting all the odds and surviving till he reaches his goal by never giving up. "We often wonder why is it that we achieve what we actually set out to achieve? Why is it that plans dont turn out exactly as they were planned? Nd then we sit nd contemplate on the futility of it all.. A winner is the one who knows that he just lost a battle.. But the war is yet to be won ..who didnt waste time or energy lying sulking on the ground..but the one who got up each time he fell nd charged ahead with the same faith...a winner is not the one who did different things.. But did things differently nd took the road less travelled despite all criticism, mockery nd all odds. Are you a winner? I know i am.!" Exclaims Pranav. The 25 year old Patiala native, nutrition store owner is definitely the one whom people look up to as a motivation.