Musclemania® India Junior Physique Finalist Chaitan Yaganju says, "In my very first competition, I see that I have a lot of room for improvement but we'll be getting there real soon! Thinking back I could list a hundred things that I could've done better but I won't. Because this journey, these 2 years, have been life changing and made me a better man.
Standing on that stage, under those lights was In itself establishing a milestone, I won't say I didn't wish I won or at least came Top 3, but I don't want to taint it by comparing it to something that doesn't match with what I'm feeling right now! I will definitely get better but this feeling will always hold a very special place in my heart."

At 5'6", 66 kgs and 21 years old, the Vishakapatnam natural just finished his in Chemical Engineering. "I hope to take bodybuilding more seriously and better myself for the future as a Musclemania® athelete and grab the first place the next time I'm on stage!"

"Don't let anyone tell you that something is impossible. That is just a word for someone who's so scared of not winning that they don't even try. Stay humble, stay hustling and strive to be better than your yesterday's best."