Time for Restoration and Transformation

Musclemania® Classic Vipin Rathore resumed his training and diet last month. The 5'6', 78 kgs, New Delhi native says, "I was doing home training, but you know that was just to salvage the physique. Now its time for restoration and transformation."

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Changes in Physique

"I'm challenged to see changes in my physique people say it can’t happen," says Bangalore natural athlete Hari Krishnan. At 6', 90 kgs, he promises, "I want to set new standards!" Hari is training for his first Musclemania® next season.

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Muscular Transformation

I started bodybuilder just a year and a half ago and love hard work and blood rush it gives me," says Aalyan Iqbal. The 5'8", 67 kgs., 21 year old, geology student explains, "I was too skinny and people used to tell me that I was skinny and all. So I started bodybuilding to get muscular and change my body. My parents are happy and support my bodybuilding. My to muscular transformation continues and I hope to show everyone what I have accomplished at Musclemania®."

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Everything’s Possible with Consistency

"I've been lifting since the age of nine," says Musclemania® Asia Champion Mohsin Khan. "I always wanted to make the physique shine. Little did I know about becoming a natural pro athlete and going abroad to compete. Everything's possible if you're consistent and persistent. I'm proof of it. Here I am after 20 long years as a Musclemania Pro." The 5'10", 198 lbs., 28 year old, lifetime natural, Indian athlete says he will make his MM Pro debut next season.

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Feeling Ready

At 6', 90 kgs, 25 year old, Hari Krishnan says he's been training for years and competing in a few local Bangalore shows. Now, the petroleum engineer is readying his physique for Musclemania® India, his first national level show. "I have made consistent improvements every year and paced my shows to my physique," Hari explains. "So, with the gains and symmetry changes I've made during the past year, I'm ready for serious competition."

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Nice Shape

Kolkata native Vaskar Mondal has competed in a couple local shows, but in all of them he captured the attention of media and fans alike with his classic physique. At 5'5", 65 kgs, 21 years old, he brings flawless symmetry and an illusion of a much taller and heavier physique. "Since I started training, it has never been about crazy mass but nice shape," Vaskar says. "When people see me, I want them to visualize perfection."

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Gain in Confidence and Motivation

Model Universe™ Champion Keshav kalia says he's continuing his lean bulk phase for next season. The 6'3", 95 lbs., New Delhi trainer, actor and model crushed the competition last year in Miami Beach and wants to go back with a whole new look. "It was my first show and I was surprised with the response. It gave me a lot of confidence and motivation."

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Craving for Symmetry

"Symmetry in physique is what I crave for," says Musclemania® Junior Champion Vipin Raj. At 5'11", 177 lbs., 21 years old, he explains, "Not only because it gives a balanced look but also because it makes my physique look perfect! My way of training for symmetry is simple. I train my weak muscles twice a week to get that size and shape that's lacking, and instead of going just crazy heavy while training. I train with control. Meaning I control the weight, weights don't control my movement. Even if that means lifting a bit light weight sometimes 😉."

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Fitness model and entrepreneur Sky Sins says, "Being comfortable will get you no where in life. If you use the same weights and do the same amount of reps, your muscles will never grow. You can apply this to your life as well. If you never step outside of your comfort zone and force yourself to evolve, you will always remain in the same place."

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Crossfit Style

Mumbai natural Farhad C says he trains CrossFit style including Front Squat, Kettle Bell Swings, Murph, Grace, Barbell Deadlift, Shoulder Press and Filthy Fifty! Not exactly a bodybuilding routine, but it works for him. The 5'8", 78 kgs, 29 year old nearly won Musclemania® Mumbai last season.

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