Bodybuilder by Passion

Musclemania® India Junior SuVendu SuBhra-jEet is a mathematician by profession but the 5'8", 90 kgs., 23 year old is a bodybuilder by passion. The Bhubaneswar native says his father allowed him to train provided he was a good student. Well, Suvendu earned an honors degree and now is making an equally notable physique.

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New Methods of Training

Musclemania® India Junior Champion Vipin Raj says, "Ever since this lockdown started I've been trying new methods of training like yoga, gymnastics, shadow boxing and of course regular bodyweight workouts. Gym and fitness for me is not just a place, but an emotion💯❤️. It helps me keep my mind calm and focus on bigger things in life like gratitude, self love and God."

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Made Fitness His Passion

New Delhi lifetime natural Fit manjeet has made fitness his passion and a budding media career as one of India's top YouTube entertainers. This season, he training for Musclemania® India and expanding his career worldwide.

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New Challenges, New Opportunities!

Musclemania® Classic Vipin Rathore was training for appearances at MM Universe, Paris and Arabia this season . . . and then Corona arrived. "I see it as a chance now to create new and more exciting media events," he says. "In the meantime, I'm taking my physique to a new level which even I had not envision. New challenges, new opportunities!"

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Still on Plan

Musclemania® Hyderbad Physique Murtuza Mohsin says, "My brother and I have our own home gym, so we haven't skipped a workout since the quarantine began. I am still on my plan to be ready for the stage in December."

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Change in Condition and Symmetry

Musclemania® America Classic Champion Pranav Raj prize winning shape in Las Vegas last November. The 5'8', 175 lbs., 23 year old, lifetime natural says, "My weight hasn't changed much for the past couple of seasons, but my condition and symmetry have. One thing I love about natural bodybuilding is creating an illusion on stage."

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Fashion and Style

Musclemania® Delhi Physique Champion Harish Chaudhary says, "Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. I know one thing for sure is that after this quarantine is over, I will come out better than I went in. I refuse to let this unfortunate event get in the way of my grind."

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