Carrying a Passion

Software engineer, fashion model and fitness trainer Bhupendra Pratap Singhr says he's a proud Rajput. The 5'10", 76 kgs., 26 year old explains, "I carry my legacy and passion with me and unlike others as a part of my morning cardios, I love to do my horse riding which help keep my fitness as well as my hobby. I workout 6 days a week, train 2 muscles a day, focus on clean rich protein diet but with no cheating or fancy meal."

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Growing More Skilled and Stronger

Junior natural Dipan Debnath continues lean growth each week with eyes on Musclemania® Kolkata, Mumbai and India next season! The 5'7", 65 kgs., 21 year old, financial student says, "I don’t wait until everything is just right because its never perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what? With each step I take, I will grow stronger, more skilled, self-confident successful.”

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Training Heavy

Powerlifter and bodybuilder Sourav Bagri say he always trains heavy whether for power meet or muscle shows. The 6', 90 kgs., 22 year old explains, "I used to weigh 100 kgs when I powerlifted all season. But when I started bodybuilding, I learned to mix target muscle training with heavy weights and clean dieting. It was new for me last year, but now I've mastered it."

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Guest Appearance at MM India

Musclemania® India Champion Aish Mehan was training for his MM Pro this season, but the pandemic had other ideas. But, the 5'11", 92 kgs., lifetime natural will make a special guest appearance at MM India in 6 days. "It's been a couple of years since I was last on stage," Aish says. "So where better to display my new physique than where I made came into my own in the sport."

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All About Symmetry

Managalore muscleman Anvith Shetty D-10 to Musclemania® India. The 5'10", 84 kgs., 24 year old says, "Its all about symmetry and that's all I have been training. Size and condition mean nothing without symmetry and that's what I am bringing to the show next weekend."

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Pushing His Thresholds

Musclemania® America Champion Pranav Raj back in shape and transformation mode. "I am now at 90 kgs and 10% and working toward my goal of 95% and 5-6% next season," he explains. Aiming for his MM Pro debut, he will be battle with the best naturals in the world, so Pranav is pushing his thresholds.

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Maintaining and Developing

Delhi natural Rahul Thakur says he's been able to diet in just 2 months. At 5'11", 72 kg and 26 years old explains, "I did a lean bulk and developed a clean 3 kgs of muscle while maintaining my current shredness and overall fat percentage as the same."

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‘Old School’ Bodybuilding Mentality

After a sloppy off-season, Punjab natty Tarun Chopra is crushing it preparing for Musclemania® India. The 5'8", 80 kgs., 21 year old explains, "For that 'Old School' bodybuilding mentality, first you have to eat right with no fancy stuffs in your diet. Also, I am not missing my cardio sessions. I am looking to bring it all to the stage in 2 weeks."

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Strategic Approach

Rajasthan natural Faisal Khan is in final diet mode for Musclemania® India. The 5'7", 75 kgs., 24 year old explains, "In the past I’ve done some dirty bulks which just leads to a fked up mindset and a prolonged cut. But, for this diet, I took a more strategic approach keeping consistent cardio sessions, a clean diet and a slight surplus. I'm really just listening to my body and giving it exactly what it needs."

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Alternating Push and Pull

New Delhi junior Rohit Vishwakarma will be taking his crazy looking physique to Musclemania® India. The 5'9", 85 kgs., 22 year old has been training for 6 years and won a couple local shows. "Right now it's push and pull alternatives days with some cardio, that's it. Nutrition is not much, just simple like greens, chicken breast and eggs with some brown rice and plan oats. Supplements include whey iso, l carnitine, fish oil, mutivitamin, bcaa, and vitamin C and E."

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