Staying Lean All Year!

Mohmmad Iqbal says, "Staying super lean all year is all I know! I never eat processed or refined foods, fats and sugars. A clean diet helped make my shape since I started training when I was a teenager." The 5'7", 62 kgs., 24 year old, lifetime natural athlete will bring his show stopping physique to the stage for the first time this season.

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Flexible Diet

Chandigarh lifetime natty Rohit Khatri says, "My diet stays flexible throughout the year, but as I enter the prep days I do add in more filling, fibre rich foods like vegetables, sweet corn, oats etc to keep me full for longer. My training switches to cardio + strength training 6 days/week. However, during the gaining phase I workout 4 days/week and just 1 cardio session. Training and nutrition work together to build the physique we want." Rohit is training for his first Musclemania® show this season.

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Push and Pull Training

Uttarakhand personal trainer Piyush says his own routines are for health, fitness and well being. The 6', 73 kgs., 26 year old was a '19 Musclemania India Classic Finalist. "I do Push and Pull training which helps me develop a balance physique and my diet is clean and lean every day. Its simple and works for me." Piyush says he'll be returning to the MM stage this season.

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Mental Discipline

Musclemania® Physique Junior Champion Abhishek Choudhary athletic shape. The former champion wrestler learned the mental disciplines of dieting from making weight before matches. "Much of the same mind and body training principles are the same as bodybuilding,' Rudra says. Currently, he is training for MM India and MM Asia later this season.

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Feeling Ripe and Ready

Musclemania® Classic Champion Pranav Raj feeling ripe and ready. "I'm on a true lean bulk and my goal is to compete at 95 kgs in time for MM America in Las Vegas. I'm training twice a day and got my diet down to a science. It's pandemic pandemonium!"

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Importance of Focus

Musclemania® India HW Champion Mohammed Akram says, "Focus is very important when you do the exercise and very important your mind and body should be in contact so you can feel your muscles and love the pain."

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Abdominal Muscles

"Abdominals are a very fancy muscle," claims Musclemania® Classic Champion Pranav Raj. "These days specially in youths everybody wants a six pack. And the most common question I get asked from you guys is 'How to build abs' and 'How much time should I train in a week.'" Quick Tips: 1. Keep yourself in calorie deficit. 2. Focus on quality food, not quantity. 3. Drink plenty of water and high fibre food. 4. Cut down on sodium intake from your diet, but not zero salt. "I train my abs 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes, After workout or in empty stomach in the morning with bit yoga. If you do 1 or 2 exercises with moderate intensity, you can do 4-5 times in a week." "Moreover the fact is diet plays a measured role in your abdominal development. Don’t distract yourself and waste your time and money in unnecessary products. Keep it simple, whole and true!"

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Never Stopped

Musclemania® India Classic Junior Ashish Rajput says he's been training since he was 14 years old. "I was hooked the moment I lifted my first weights and have never stopped. The 5'10", 196 lbs., 20 year old Punjabi explains, "I had good guidance from coaches around me and my parents always believing in me."

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Back to Intense Weight Training

Aamer Khan - Musclemania Natural says, "As I have ample of time to get back on stage, I'm keeping my diet as clean as possible with a blend of high carbs & protein. I've switched back to old school intense heavy weight training & aiming to gain 20 lbs. of solid muscle to step on stage in 2021."

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Smash Some Weights!

Musclemania® Physique Junior Hari Krishna time to smash some weights! The 5'11", 80 kgs., 22 year old says he's training for a comeback next season.

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