Love & Respect Your Body

Mumbai natural bodybuilder Sameer Sayyed says, "If you use exercise as an excuse to cheat on your diet, you’ll never get anywhere. Successful dieters understand that eating healthily and exercising work best when used together, rather than on their own. Just because you’ve been to the gym in the morning, doesn’t mean you can have fast food and chocolate for lunch. Love and respect your body!" The 5'6", 70 kgs., 21 year old is 4 months out from his first Musclemania® India.

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Training Two Muscles a Day

Currently at 5'10", 94 kgs., 27 years old, Musclemania® Asia Champion Ajwad Khan says, "My training usually includes two muscles everyday mixing one major and one minor muscle with 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week." Ajwad has been bodybuilding for 7 years, is lifetime natural and training for his MM Pro debut next season.

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Hard Work over Luck

Musclemania® Junior Milind Iyer says, "I do not believe in luck written on the lines of the hand, I believe in the hard work of the fingers ahead of it." The 5'11", 82 kgs., 20 year old, lifetime natural keeps lean 10% off-season shape all year.

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Going Heavy and Hard

Delhi powerlifter Yash Sharma has won many competitions, but the 5'7", 80 kgs, 22 year old, lifetime natural is converting his physique for bodybuilding. He explains, "I have started my prep for Musclemania® 4 months ago using my home gym. So, I'm going all guns blazing now, going heavy and hard focusing on recomposition this month. Then I'll be going into a proper cut 3 months out to bring out my best conditioning on stage with a good amount of muscle mass."

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Honing His Condition

On his competition diet for the past 4 months, Musclemania® India HW Umer Rashid has used the pandemic shut down to hone his condition. At 5'10", 91 kgs., 10%, he says, "I got some more fat to loose and then I will be ready and with 3 months before the show. So, I will then try to still gain some muscle and finish the conditioning." Umer has not competed since taking the HW Class 3 years ago, so everyone is expecting to see a transformative physique in stage again.

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Hard work and Dedication

During pandemic lockdown, Goa IT engineer Pradhan Ulhas had a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands to train with for 3 months. He says, "I got tired sitting around all day trash eating and watching Netflix and Prime. So, I self motivated, set some goals and got starts training and dieted while held up in at home." 1 May - 66 kgs - 5'5" 23 July - 58 kgs - 5'5" Pradhan explains, "Anybody who wants to know how its done naturally, its all about mindset, will power, dedication, hard work, patience and qualified nutrition day in and day out. I worked out 6 days a week and managed to put on muscle mass while loosing fat at same time." "Once gyms open up next week, I have plans to pack on some muscle mass and compete at Musclemania® India Physique Championships."

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Importance of Stretching

Musclemania® Champion Bharat Singh Walia says, "Stretching is important for muscle injury prevention and recovery. And regular stretching is actual very beneficial for muscle growth. After training, give at least 15 minutes to stretching which will improve your recovery speed and you will be ready to train that muscle again in the same week. And better recover = better growth!"

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Maintaining Size,Shape, and Symmetry

At 5'10", 90 kgs., Musclemania® India HW Umer Rashid is maintaining size, shape and symmetry as he continues his show diet. The Kashmir natural athlete says, "I have lost 10 kgs of weight, but my size appears so much bigger! I'm eating all clean food, not any cheat meals, but with plenty of carbs to fuel my workouts. I want to ready next month and the just add muscle going into the show."

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Getting Abs

Vipin Raj says, "I often get this question, 'How to get abs?' or 'How to get a small waist?'" "Well, the waist size something that's genetic. If you have a small waist naturally, then it's good. But if you're holding on a lot of belly fat, then it's something that can be fixed with right nutrition and cardio. Eat in a caloric deficit and burn some calories by doing strength training and cardio." "Strength training to develop muscles so that they'll be visible after your fat loss phase ends. The same goes for abs. If your abdominal muscles are developed, then you only need to lose extra bodyfat. If your muscles are not developed yet, first build them by being in a slight caloric surplus, training your core and then switch to fat loss." "It's that simple. All you need is right info, dedication and hard work. You can achieve anything you set your mind to!"

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Maintained Super Lean Shape

Musclemania® India Junior Physique Hari Krishan has maintained super lean shape through the pandemic lockdown. The 5'11", 185 lbs., 22 yeafr old, lifetime natural competed for the first time last season after loosing over 40 lbs., of fat to achieve his new physique. Now, Hari is training for MM India in December.

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