Growing and Loving it

Musclemania® Classic Champion Pranav Raj says, "I'm growing and loving it! Over the past year, I've been able to reach 95 kgs and now lowered bodyfat to 15%. I want to get it down to 10-11%, keep the muscle quality and continue growing through July. Then, I will start serious conditioning for my first MM Pro show. Got some big boys to battle, so I need to be ready."

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Watch Me Improve

Musclemania® Indian Classic Malaya Padhi says, "I may not be perfect but watch me improve." The 5'6", 79 kgs, 30 year, is a betach engineer and also does personal training in after hours. Malaya explains, "This is off session, so my workout is normal including full body dumbbell sessions. I adjust my diet weekly according to how my body changes but also include one small cheat meal to remind myself I am real! Malaya is training for MM India in December.

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Musclemania® 1M Followers!

We would like to recognize and thank the great natural fitness athletes, bodybuilders and models worldwide who have supported the Musclemania® journey. For 33 years, Musclemania® has broadcast on ESPN, ESPN International, TSN Canada, Eurosports, Star Sports Asia and India, Sky Sports UK and many other networks worldwide and live stream and on-demand into homes, offices, anywhere and everywhere. We are so proud of our production teams over the decades and especially appreciate the support of the great natural athletes. Thanks for believing in our mission making every one of you feel and look as the superstars you are and become positive role models for the youth of today and tomorrow!

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Back at it

With 7 months until his Musclemania® Pro debut, Mohsin Khan says he's back in the gym, training 6 days a week, increasing clean calories and in total growth mode! At 5'10", 209 lbs., and lifetime natural, Mohsin says, "I am always leans and never need to diet for a show. So, I am training for added muscle and not necessarily weight." The lifetime natural Indian won '19 MM Asia and is training for MM America.

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Plows Forward with His Transformation

Musclemania® India Champion Aish Mehan plows forward with his transformation preparing for his MM Pro debut this season. The 5'11", 89 kgs, lifetime natty explains, "My meals consist of rich protein but a couple small cheats during each week. And, my training is split chest and biceps, back and abs, delts and triceps, and finally legs."

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Making a Comeback

Its been 3 years since Gufraan Qureshi has competed and he says he's making his comeback this season. The 5'9", 75 kgs., 24 year old had a two serious injury which kept him off serious training for nearly 18 months. Gufrann explains, "I’m working twice a day these days and diet ratio is high protein low carbs. God willing, this will be my compback season!"

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Continues in Growth Mode

Indian junior natty Rishov Rang continues in growth mode. "I just started including whey protein in my meals and the extra calories are making a big different in strength in my workouts," he says. The 5'8", 145 lbs., 20 year old, business student has been training for two years and will compete for the first time at Musclemania® India in December.

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Old School Diet

Musclemania® India Junior Classic Tarun Chopra says, "My diet is old school, nothing fancy. Just chicken, rice, eggs and oats according to my goals. Plus I do 90 minutes of cardio everyday before my workouts on low carbs. For me, more training, more posing and less eating is the lean machine process!"

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Reappearing Bigger and Leaner

After 3 years out of sight and mind, Musclemania® Physique Junior Gufraan Qureshi has reappeared with a bigger, lean and better shaped physique. The 5'9", 75 kgs., 24 year old says he's training twice a day and will return to the MM India stage in December.

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Passion & Aspiration

New Delhi fitness & sports model Rohit Seth earned a Masters Degree in Banking, but then chose a career in the fitness indsutry. The 5'11", 73 kgs, 29 year old explains, "In the end, its your passion which direct your aspirations. So, my heart took me into health, fitness, wellness, modeling and fashion and couldn't be happier."

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