Size, Shape, & Symmetry

Sagar Singh Rajwar says he's all about size, shape and symmetry. The 5'11", 79 kgs., 20 year old, natural explains, "I'm letting my genetics do the work for me!" Sagar makes his Musclemania® debut this season.

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Swole & Symmetrical

Looking swole and symmetrical, Kolkata natty Dipan Debnath says, "I eat clean all year round. Carbs, protein & fats everything balanced according to the macros. Currently, I'm having 3k+ calories and focused on building quality muscle over this time period before I prepare myself for my first Musclemania®." The 5'7", 67 kgs., 21 year old started training 3 years ago, bulked up to 90+ kgs and now lean and growing into the show.

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Lean & Ready

Training for his first competition, Dipan Debnath says, "I'm lean and ready now, but still adding muscle and improving symmetry before I will get on stage." The 5'7", 67 kgs., 21 year old, natural originally planned for Musclemania® Kolkata, his hometown, in September, but now wants to put it off until MM Mumbai in November.

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Maintaining Super Shape

Hyderabad natural Omu Singh follows a clean, lean all season bulk and maintaining super shape. The 5'7", 70 kgs., 24 year old explains, "I'm currently focusing on my mid section and improving overall conditioning. I'm following a high protein and low carb diet with 600 gm fish, 12 egg whites and 200 gm veggies after every meal." Omu will bring his amazing physique to Musclemania® Hyderabad in October.

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Focused on Transformation

Kolkata natural Dipan Debnath focused on transformation. The 5'7", 66 kgs., 22 year old lean, symmetrical muscle growth as he prepares for Musclemania® this season, his first competitions.

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Move, Learn, & Grow

Musclemania® Pro Bertrand Lim says, "How often do you hear the excuse that something is not that simple? Its one of the biggest lies you've ever heard? "We often give ourselves excuses for this or that reason, when it is enough to give ourselves the means and above all to move our ass and get things done! When I don't know, I learn. I don't waste my time complaining and waiting. No, I move, I go, I learn, I grow." "Strength to you, we are together."

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