Good and Bad Days

Tamu Nadu civil engineer Subas Vanchi says, "When it comes to working out, everyone has good days and bad days at the gym or on the trails. Running 10 miles may feel like 5 miles, or conversely, lifting 10 pounds may feel like 50 pounds. Either way, understanding what factors affect your exercise performance can help better prepare you for your workout, regardless of the circumstances." At 5'8", 68 kgs, 23 years old, Subas will compete in Musclemania® India in December.

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Trust the Process

Gujarat natty Rishit Lakhani reflects . . . "Grapes must be crushed to make wine. Diamonds form under pressure. Olives are pressed to release oil. Seeds grow in the darkness. So, whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed or in darkness, remember you’re in powerful place of transformation. Trust the process."

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Driven to Train

At 5'8", 70 kgs., 20 years old, Gaurav Singh has been teen modeling, but now the Mumbai student says bodybuilding is his true passion. "The photographers and agents all tell me not to get any bigger. But I want to completely change my body and don't care about modeling anymore. I'm driven to train and have a vision I want to achieve."

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A Way of Life

Mangalore muscleman Anvith Shetty says, "Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. Diet is a key to physical progress, so I keep it on point even during the pandemic and my home workouts maintain my muscle mass. A healthy bodybuilding lifestyle is not one day game but a lifetime." At 5'10", 82 kgs., 24 years old, Anvith says he's bringing his bodybuilding lifestyle to Musclemania® India in December.

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Restoration Mode!

Musclemania® America Classic Champion Pranav Raj in restoration mode! The 5'8", 190 lbs., 24 year old, lifetime natural says, "Its been grueling training at home during the pandemic and sneaking into the gym when possible. It hurts workout continuity but I am still making it work."

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Volumizing Mode!

Musclemania® Classic Yash Sharma is in full volumizing mode! The 5'8", 85 kgs., 23 year old, lifetime natty is hanging around 9-10% as he prepares for a return performance at MM India in December. He's a former competitive powerlifter turned bodybuilder 2 years ago. "I have been working on adding more size, especially in the right places to accentuate my naturally good proportions. Been in a calorie surplus since after my last show in December and still have a few more months to grow before I start prepping for the stage again." Yash is a entrepreneur with a BS degree in World History.

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Do More, Get More

Fitness Model Amrit Pal says, "The more you do the more you get!"️ The 6'3", 95 kgs., livetime natural Punjabi is a master trainer with 100's of clients in India and USA. "I like to focus on the average person body transformations because they are the most rewarding changes to witness."

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Constantly Evolving

Musclemania® Asia Champion Mohsin Khan has been hiding low during this latest lockdown, unseen outside of his Kolkata home. Frustrated he still hasn't been able to make his MM debut, the 5'10", 28 year old promises he's still evolving into a shocking 100 kgs physique! So, maybe all these pandemic delays are blessings in disguise for Mohsin.

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Stay Home, Safe, and Fit!

Musclemania® Asia Model Champion Sanjay Audichya says, "Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. So guys, don’t loose hope and keep working on your fitness. Until the situation gets back to normal, stay home, stay safe, stay fit!"

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Focus on Aesthetic

"This year my goal is to make more sharp symmetry & better condition my physique," says Chandigarh trainer Vasu Bindra. The 5'11", 89 kgs, 22 year old attests, "Everyday I focus on perfecting my physique. I don't want to become huge but aesthetic."

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