Upping His Cardio

"When trying to drop body fat, it all comes down creating and maintaining a calorie deficit," explains Delhi natty Yash Sharma. "Cardio is a great tool to create that deficit. As my prep for Musclemania® India goes on and the show nears, I’m upping my cardio going for runs, cycling to create that deficit. Never been a fan of cardio in the gym, gets too monotonous and keeping it interesting outside just gets the job done easier."

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Watching the Mirror

Musclemania® HW Umer Rashid says, "I'm not looking at the scale this time. Just watching the mirror and in shred streak. As long as I have shape, size and condition, I will have done my job." The 5'10", 28 year old, Kashmir gym owner nearly won '17 MM and is coming back with a vengeance this year.

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3D Athletic Shape

Kochi natty Ashin O'omman has developed a classic physique with 3D athletic shape. The 5'11", 75 kgs, 24 year old takes on India's best at Musclemania® in 7 weeks.

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Grinding Every Day

"I'm grinding it every day and making up for all the time lost," says Mangalore classic Anvith Shetty. The 5'9", 78 kgs., 23 year old has competed and won in a few local shows but aiming for Musclemania® is now on his horizon. "I don't know if I will be ready by December, but if not it will give me more time to perfect my physique for the big time."

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Train with a Vision

"I'm not training for show," says New Delhi natty Nitesh Sharma. The 5'7", 72 kgs., 22 year old, ER nurse explains, "There's been a thirst since I was in grade school to be different, like a superhero. And everyday, I train with that vision during every set and breathe." Nitesh he's not competing until his vision has been realize no matter how long it takes.

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Fight On

Delhi natty Yash Sharma is 8 weeks from his first show at Musclemania® India in Bangalore. He says, "Training is very intimate. It takes you deep into a place that’s inhabited by your demons, to be able to survive that you need to be honest and true with your work and your goals. Being mentally present and to be able to visualise the end goal, answering your ‘why’ is what will make you fight back and fight on eventually leading you to your success."

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Concentration on Symmetry

"I've been just growing for 5 years and now I'm training will be ready for Musclemania®," says Kochi natural Ashin O'omman. At 5'11", 75 kgs, 24 years old, Ashin explains that he's always concentrated on symmetry rather than sheer size.

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Restoring Show Physique

Mangalore native Anvith Shetty says he's shed his pandemic physique and restoring his show physique. The 5'10", 78 kgs., explains, "Actually, the lockdown gave me the opportunity to start with a new baseline to my training, diet and overall regimen. It was like starting all over when I began 4 years ago and now I'm training for a new level beyond even what I developed last year."

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Achieving Results

"I've been training every day for 3 years as if its embellished in my soul," says New Delhi nurse Nitesh Sharma. The 5'7", 72 kgs., 22 year old, lifetime natty explains, "I've never cared about how I looked to others, as long as I was happy with progress. For me its not for show but achieving results, having good health and strength."

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Transformation Underway

"The transformation is underway for next season," says Hari Krishnan. The 6', 93 kgs., 25 year old, petroleum engineer explains, "Actually, my game plan is laid out into 3 stages, each with new size, symmetry goals through 2022. With each stage, I will build upon it to reach an ever more classic commercial physique. I promise, it will be a sight! Vision 2021."

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