Musclemania® India Classic Prithviraj Hegde says, "'Fear', was the 7th subject in my school curriculum. 'Follow the rules, remember and regurgitate everything on paper word by word'. The ones who were different or questioned the system were labelled or outcast and me being the good student I am aced this subject too, called 'Fear'!"

"I was always afraid of things I didn't understand but a part of me, the curious and practical side of me, didn't want to believe things so easily. So I questioned, and the more I questioned and got to know about them. I learnt that people are ignorant about a lot of stuff that doesn't concern them directly. You just feed them something and make sure a lot of people follow it too, and they'll do so without questioning it. Why? Because it's the easy way."

"Never stop being curious, never stop asking the world and yourself why you do things the way you do it! It's hard I know, you'll be ridiculed by the masses and the ones that are afraid. Remember you are that first drop that makes up the ocean, the breaker of generational patterns! You are more! Take the road less travelled and fucking blaze the path for the ones that can't see beyond their tunnel vision!"