She's been the VP of marketing and the director of corporate communications for prestigious brands. Now the President of her firm, and also her NGO God’s Beautiful Child, lifetime fitness enthusiast Shweta Rathore from Delhi sets an example for women and men alike. “I always loved working out,” she claims. “Although my Dad was a typical Indian parent, strict and traditional, my mom and brother helped me sneak out in the afternoons to workout at a gym while my Dad thought I was attending tuition! The gymnasium was closed in the afternoons, so the owner gave me an extra key to the facility, because he admired my passion. I would workout from 2-5 PM and get back home from “tuition” LOL. Over the years, he’s begun to understand the taboos and has become more supportive”. Shweta adds that while her classmates were gobbling sugary food, she from a young age learned the importance of healthy balanced nutrition. Even until this day, she has no more than couple of supplements every day. Shweta says achieving excellence is a mindset. “I am proud to be all natural and the center of attention in the gym not because of my fame, but because of the knowledge I can impart to the ever so confused Indian women. They are usually amazed at my feminine look although I train hardcore with weights (myth buster). I motivate them to make health and fitness a compulsory part of their lives”. Being a brand ambassador of a leading health company for 4 years, having done plenty of runway shows and photo shoots, this 5’4″, 54kg fitness model is confident, yet not complacent. She’s working harder now to give her best in not just one but three categories at Musclemania® India Model, Physique and Fitness, her first ever competition!