Yasser Raja from Bangalore just showed his interests of participating in Musclemania India this year. Yasser met an accident about an year ago, which resulted in his spine discs injury, which led led him into complete bed rest and left him with no training at all. Yasser was preparing for Musclemania India last year but then this unfortunate event took place in his life.

Yasser says,"I hit the local gym, in fact several gyms, I felt helpless and disappointed. I was mocked like hell. No trainer was able to help me with the pain I was in, with my herniated disc. I started reading about fitness, and it got me excited. Finally I found a great coach, a celebrity trainer, who gave me hope and inspired me to built a great physique despite my injury.

Yasser has miraculously transformed him into the best form of his life after crossing the hurdles that came into his life after the accident. "I'm super excited to be competing in Musclemania this year amongst the best natural athletes of the country", exclaims Yasser!.

The 170 cms, 62 kgs, 26 years old bangalore based fitness instructor will be competing amongst 300 natural competitors this year in october Mumbai.