With over 18 years of training, Kolkata's Sourav Sen has a thick mature physique. The lifetime natural started at a skinny 45kgs 5'3" in 1998. A good amount of teasing from schoolmates had him turn towards lifting and currently at 60kgs on stage, 5'6.5", the 36 year old has already won many district and state level competitions. Here's his story first hand:
"The turning point in my life came when in the early 90s, I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie 'Predator' . Man, I fell in love with his arms, and huge imposing physique. Instantly, I wanted to look like him. The fitness scene in India back then was almost non-existent, and Kolkata was even worse in comparison to other cities. When I told my parents that I wanted to join a gym, they said I was too young to lift heavy weights (I was only around 13-14 years old then). However, I did not give up and decided to join a local gym the moment I completed my board exams which were a few years away. It was 1998 when I joined my first gym, and got hooked to the iron totally. Back then, there was no fancy equipment or supplements. The gym had a very basic setup, and most of my workout consisted of free weight movements. I focused mostly on my arms and deltoids back then because I wanted to look like my idol. In about a year's time, my arms had grown and so did my delts. My weight started going up and people started noticing me. I loved the attention I was getting and my resolve only grew stronger. However, after seven long years, my gym closed down and transformed into a modern salon. I joined another gym close by, and here's when things got interesting. The trainer over there saw me and told me that I could compete in a bodybuilding competition and actually do well! I was shocked to hear this. My arms and deltoids were definitely show-worthy but not the rest of my body. I trained like a beast for two long years, and tried to bring up my weak body parts as much as possible. In 2007, I entered my first bodybuilding competition, and surprisingly won in the 65kg division. Not only that, I also became the first runner up in the final comparison. Since then, I have competed in more than 15 competitions (district and state level combined) and won in my own division (60 - 65 kgs) in several competitions. And I would like to add that competing with guys on steroids has actually helped me bring out the best in me. I might not be as big, or as ripped as them. But my 18 years of training has given me muscle maturity and density, and conditioning has always remained one of my strengths. I have beaten several guys who were on steroids despite staying natural all my life. Even now, almost every person I come across does not believe me when I tell him that I am natural! I actually take this as a complement and this makes me work even harder to achieve the perfect physique that I want to achieve some day.
I will be competing in both the bodybuilding and physique divisions in Musclemania Kolkata, because I want to show everyone that bodybuilders can also be aesthetic as well. I do not like the bloated gut look of today's bodybuilders and love the classic look. My idols are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates. My ultimate dream is to achieve a competition weight of 190 lbs and earn a Musclemania Pro card in the bodybuilding division. Even though I am an analytics professional, I simply do not like the 9 - 5 job routine and have always wanted to achieve something in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. I believe Musclemania India is the perfect launchpad for me and I will leave no stone unturned to achieve my dream. I am currently around 140 lbs (5ft 6.5 inches) and plan to drop another 8-10 lbs in order to achieve the crisp conditioning that bodybuilders dream of."