A Star in the Darkness

From a bouncer at a night club, to a celebrity fitness trainer, Mansoor "Lala" Sayed has come a long way. At 5'10", 76kgs, this 28 yr Mumbaikar old will be competing at the first Musclemania Physique India. He says "I was always interested in fitness but my family never saw a future in it. Initially, I started working as a bouncer at a night club to make ends meet. The low pay, stress and bad lifestyle made me unhealthy, unwell and way overweight. It left me depressed for a while, but then I gathered some courage to get into shape." He continues "In 2009, I started studying fitness and got certified to be a personal trainer. I first transformed my body as a first step, and then started training others. I've been fortunate to have friends in the industry who've supported me all along, and today, I am ready to compete. Yes, my life was dark for way too long, and it was really tough. But you know what? I realized that you can only see the stars at their brightest when it's the darkest. What better platform than Musclemania, whose stars like Ulisses Jr. I've long been a fan of, and followed regularly. I wish to set such fitness and health standards as they do; and someday, be a star someone in darkness looks up to."

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Striving to Grow

Keerthan Barke Naik is always full of energy and loves to try new things. Being a sportsperson all my life fitness was always part of my lifestyle. Most people land in a dilemma during early twenties about choosing the right career path and I was one of them. Having done my engineering in Electronics and Communication I landed a job in Iraq working as an IT admin for a Qatari company serving the American Military. It wasn’t my passion even a tad bit. I came down to India at the end of my contract period and went into deep contemplation mode sitting by a beach in my hometown of Mangalore. That is when I made a decision to do my Masters in a field that I was associated for the most part of my life- Sports. Loughborough University is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Receiving the offer letter at one end and graduating with a merit on the other were just small bits of the story. What I was involved with apart from academics is what made me what I am now. Loughborough University is ranked one of the top sport universities in the UK and I was proud to be part of it. I got involved with a residential hall for which I played most of the sports that included Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, Badminton to name a few. I was thankful to one for one of the best and massive gyms in the UK, ‘The Powerbase’, for helping me keep fit for the whole year so I could be part of the sporting fraternity. I was involved with a local athletics club, [...]

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Jack of All Trades

At 5'6", 63 kgs, 24 year old commerce honors graduate and now personal trainer Vinit Baptist has the passion and aggression to come through on the d-day. "I was always an athlete and loved being a jack of all trades," he says. "In school, I've been a champion in cricket, football, athletics, rowing, table tennis, chess and many other activities. However, just before getting into college, in my final football match at school, my right leg got severely injured. It was a ACL injury post which I had to get surgery and rehab done. My leg deteriorated to a point where it would've served well for one of those "Don't skip leg day" memes. To recover, I started weight training and got into the best shape of my life ever reaching just below 5% bodyfat and am proud to have done it all natural. I can't wait to step on the Musclemania® stage! I'll be giving my absolute best in the next two months, with improving each day being the motto."

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