Third Time’s a Charm

A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied decided to take control of his life and health. Mazher "Mazi" Hamlaani has been relentlessly working out for years. Now at 28yrs old, he's at an impressive 5'8", 68kgs, 5% body fat and keeps getting fuller, thicker  and more aesthetic each day. "When I started working out, it was to gain attention, but I soon realized that doing this to prove someone else wrong only gives them the power they always had over my mind. Instead, I embraced fitness as my passion and never looked back. I did it for me alone. Initially I faced financial issues while working out, as I was still a student. Then when I started working with an events agency, I faced major time constraints; since I had to travel for work and my working hours were almost never fixed. Round the clock reporting and ate night rigorous event setups took a toll on scheduling consistent training and food timings." Mazi says. But this never stopped him. "When you want it that bad, you find a way around the obstacles. Over the years, I learned to work efficiently across various aspects of my life, be it work, workout, nutrition, or partying with friends. Sure, I never smoke or drink, but that doesn't mean I ignore friends who do. It's important to strike a balance between all. Having very supportive parents is my biggest strength. Especially my mom. I would never have reached so far" he says. He doesn't follow any star religiously but is a fan of Ulisses Jr, watches his workout videos and reads his material. Mazi says "Third time's a charm. I did not place in both the men's Physique [...]

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Hooked on Bodybuilding

Quadzilla! That's what medical student and 100meter sprint champion Francesca Fesheila's friends call her for her obsession with building big quads and countless selfies of the same. Her back is no less. At 50kgs, 158cms and 10% bodyfat, Francesca will be a formidable force at the first ever Musclemania® India Physique championships."I am from Malaysia, but have been in Belgaum, India, studying medicine on FULL SCHOLARSHIP. I've been passionate about sports since I was a kid and got into sprinting, but a couple of years ago is when the bodybuilding bug bit me, and I was hooked on to it. I placed top 3 in my first local competition, and this year in March, I placed in the top 5 in an international competition. Not winning left me depressed. But my friends pushed me harder, I got support from people unknown. They gave me a complete picture of my positives, and most importantly, my negatives. which I've worked on rigorously in the last 5 months. I've been a huge fan of Ulisses Jr., and it was amazing to meet him at the MM seminar in Bangalore this March. That, along with his encouraging words to me motivated me even more and I am in the best shape of my life, getting better each day. I also landed a sponsorship deal with one of the top supplement companies in the world and am the brand ambassador for a few fitness chains in India. Yes, I love working my quads and butt, however, I maintain a lean, proportionate physique that is also feminine. A Cobra back and big guns are as much my assets as are my quads. My goal is clear, it's to win Women's Physique/figure at Musclemania [...]

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Striving to Grow

Keerthan Barke Naik is always full of energy and loves to try new things. Being a sportsperson all my life fitness was always part of my lifestyle. Most people land in a dilemma during early twenties about choosing the right career path and I was one of them. Having done my engineering in Electronics and Communication I landed a job in Iraq working as an IT admin for a Qatari company serving the American Military. It wasn’t my passion even a tad bit. I came down to India at the end of my contract period and went into deep contemplation mode sitting by a beach in my hometown of Mangalore. That is when I made a decision to do my Masters in a field that I was associated for the most part of my life- Sports. Loughborough University is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Receiving the offer letter at one end and graduating with a merit on the other were just small bits of the story. What I was involved with apart from academics is what made me what I am now. Loughborough University is ranked one of the top sport universities in the UK and I was proud to be part of it. I got involved with a residential hall for which I played most of the sports that included Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, Badminton to name a few. I was thankful to one for one of the best and massive gyms in the UK, ‘The Powerbase’, for helping me keep fit for the whole year so I could be part of the sporting fraternity. I was involved with a local athletics club, [...]

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Slow and Steady

He can fly! yes he can! 24 year old Pratik Shetty from Mumbai not only has a great natural physique, but also studied aviation in New Zealand and is a commercial pilot. "I was just 110 pounds a couple of years ago, and gained 45 pounds in a year. I always thought that the biggest challenge for me was to gain weight, and usually it's hard for anyone to believe I did it all naturally, but the right mentors and dedicated lifestyle changes along with explosive weight training helped me access my genetic potential and work positively towards that gain. Now is the actual challenge when the muscle gain becomes real slow, and I will keep building slow and steady. Based on the dedication I showed during my transformation, I was also recently signed as a sponsored athlete for a nutrition supplement company. My goal for the year is to place in the top 3 in the Physique division at Musclemania India."

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Naysayers On Guard

From a skinny 110 pound kid to a robust 160 pounds, 23 year old art student and aspiring actor Mohit Thakur has transformed himself into one of the most aesthetic physique athletes in India. "Mumbai is the fitness capital of India and got me obsessed with lifting," Mohit says. "As a skinny kid, there were a lot of naysayers who said it's not possible to get big with my genetics, so I then proceeded to add 50 pounds and shut them up."  Mohit has won the Mr. Mumbai Intercollege Physique competition and says he's ready now for Musclemania® India in December. "This is my life now, being shredded as hell, inspiring others to be the fittest they can be. My father is my biggest supporter and fan".  Mohit will be a top contender in both the Men's Physique and Muscle Model categories at MM India. He's adding some more muscle mass and is working on improving conditioning over the next two months.

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