Monster Marshal

How far are you willing to go to follow your passion? 25 year old Management graduate Marshal "Monster" Michael was expelled by his family, and was ignored by his friends when he decided to let go of his cozy job with a MNC and make fitness his life. What's worse, he also has a broken leg. Marshal says "My parents are old-school highly conservative Indians who consider sports and arts as just extracurricular activities and hobbies. My dad being a school teacher doesn't help that thinking one bit. I've been passionate about athletics from my early school days. I've competed and placed 1st and 2nd in 400m relay and 1.5km races respectively. In 2007, I met with a devastating accident. A speeding vehicle hit my right leg, leaving it completely broken. A permanent rod was placed in place of my shin. I wasn't able to walk. Doctors said it will take me a year to even stand, but I never gave up! I pushed myself hard, and in 3 months, not only did I start walking, but also started working out for the 1st time and from then, there's been no turning back!I've been lifting for 7 years now, and never missed a workout even when working 4 years in the night shift. I am the same age as Musclemania, it'll be great to be on stage at the inaugural Indian edition." He says his dreams are finally coming true. All the trials and tribulations paying off. He was one of the brand ambassadors for a major fitness expo in March this year, post which he was assigned regional manager for a group of leading supplement brands. He's also developed a loyal fan following over [...]

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Iron Bond

A full time IT job, a strict political family where showing even a little skin is a strict no-no, and a phase of depression earlier in her life, none of these could stop Ankita Singh from following her passion for fitness and excelling in it. "I have a strong bond with iron. It helps me just let loose and do what I want. I experienced my low and underwent depression in second year of Engineering due to some personal issues. I needed something where I could vent out my anger and pain. I went to a local dungeon gym and somehow found the solace I was looking for all my life. It was an instant love affair. Off late, 'strength' has been my prime focus in training. Getting stronger and sculpting my body for 6 years now, and doing all this being an Indian woman from a traditional family certainly hasn't been easy. But the fight in me has also helped me build a fan base of 30,000 inspired fans on facebook in a span of 3 months, and also there's a bit less resistance to deal with. I am also very flexible, thanks to martial arts, yoga and aerobics. I want to be one of the top female international athletes and fitness models that India has ever produced. Musclemania India will be a great platform to put all those years of work to test and I simply cant wait to kill it on stage and someday be a MM PRO!!!"

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Striving to Grow

Keerthan Barke Naik is always full of energy and loves to try new things. Being a sportsperson all my life fitness was always part of my lifestyle. Most people land in a dilemma during early twenties about choosing the right career path and I was one of them. Having done my engineering in Electronics and Communication I landed a job in Iraq working as an IT admin for a Qatari company serving the American Military. It wasn’t my passion even a tad bit. I came down to India at the end of my contract period and went into deep contemplation mode sitting by a beach in my hometown of Mangalore. That is when I made a decision to do my Masters in a field that I was associated for the most part of my life- Sports. Loughborough University is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Receiving the offer letter at one end and graduating with a merit on the other were just small bits of the story. What I was involved with apart from academics is what made me what I am now. Loughborough University is ranked one of the top sport universities in the UK and I was proud to be part of it. I got involved with a residential hall for which I played most of the sports that included Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, Badminton to name a few. I was thankful to one for one of the best and massive gyms in the UK, ‘The Powerbase’, for helping me keep fit for the whole year so I could be part of the sporting fraternity. I was involved with a local athletics club, [...]

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Curvy, Fit & Feminine

Mumbaikar Shweta Sakharkar has played volleyball for her school, college and various clubs in her mid teens. She then started with football refereeing, post her training at Bombay's Referee Association. Shweta says "I come from a family that's always been  very supportive of whatever I've wanted to do. Dad was quite the heart-throb in his younger days, when he was a fitness enthusiast, and continues to be one today. He also encouraged mom when she wanted to switch to fitness as a career, and she's been a fitness trainer since my schooling days. Mom and Dad are my biggest sources of inspiration. They are unlike the old-school Indian parents who call sports and arts "hobbies" rather than a career-path. Post refereeing, I started lifting, and am in love with it for about a year now." Born and raised in Mumbai, the Hollywood and New York of India, almost all of her friends are from the fitness, sports, dance, b-boying, modeling and movie industries. "Such a friend's circle is not only influential in your lifestyle but also acts as a massive support system, pushing you to excel in what you do. I believe in being curvy fit, more feminine like a Jessica Vasquez, and am working towards reaching the world stage as a top model and bikini athlete" she says. At 5'4", 52kgs, this sultry and stylish 23 year old lifetime fitness enthusiast is looking forward to make her debut at her first international platform, Model India at Musclemania India this December.

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Super Hero Vikas

They call him "Superman" for running 400 mtrs in 47 seconds and being one of India's most shredded physique athletes and models. Vikas Puthran from Mangalore has represented India at various international athletic meets for over 14 years and has trained at the Bayern Leverkusen football club in Germany. He says, "But even superman has a superhero.  My Dad is the man behind my success who unlike the traditional Indian parent never dreamed of his son becoming a doctor or engineer. He put in his sweat and blood to give me the best of training facilities. Today all the credit goes to Mom and him. I won a local pageant recently and am training hard to be my best ever at Musclemania India. Excited to step on the greatest international platform to compete with the best in the country. I believe in working hard and leave the rest for destiny to choose. My ambition in life is to acquire as much as knowledge as possible and deliver the same to others because I believe in sharing what you know. I dream to be the youth icon of the nation and set an example for the younger generation to do what you are the best."

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Jack of All Trades

At 5'6", 63 kgs, 24 year old commerce honors graduate and now personal trainer Vinit Baptist has the passion and aggression to come through on the d-day. "I was always an athlete and loved being a jack of all trades," he says. "In school, I've been a champion in cricket, football, athletics, rowing, table tennis, chess and many other activities. However, just before getting into college, in my final football match at school, my right leg got severely injured. It was a ACL injury post which I had to get surgery and rehab done. My leg deteriorated to a point where it would've served well for one of those "Don't skip leg day" memes. To recover, I started weight training and got into the best shape of my life ever reaching just below 5% bodyfat and am proud to have done it all natural. I can't wait to step on the Musclemania® stage! I'll be giving my absolute best in the next two months, with improving each day being the motto."

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