Jack of All Trades

At 5'6", 63 kgs, 24 year old commerce honors graduate and now personal trainer Vinit Baptist has the passion and aggression to come through on the d-day. "I was always an athlete and loved being a jack of all trades," he says. "In school, I've been a champion in cricket, football, athletics, rowing, table tennis, chess and many other activities. However, just before getting into college, in my final football match at school, my right leg got severely injured. It was a ACL injury post which I had to get surgery and rehab done. My leg deteriorated to a point where it would've served well for one of those "Don't skip leg day" memes. To recover, I started weight training and got into the best shape of my life ever reaching just below 5% bodyfat and am proud to have done it all natural. I can't wait to step on the Musclemania® stage! I'll be giving my absolute best in the next two months, with improving each day being the motto."