Artist Physique

Cruising the streets of Kolkata, Musclemania® India Fitness Champion Mohsin Khan capturing the attention of city dwellers. "I am proud to represent my hometown," he says. At 5'10", 165 165 lbs., Mohsin is training for MM Asia in Singapore this season.

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Much Bigger Me

20 year old Mumbaikar Aakash Mohan has packed on a good 10 pounds since his appearance at Mumsclemania India last December. "Being an ectomorph, it's hard for me to put on both Muscle and fat. But with intense bodybuilding discipline, my musclemass is slowly but surely increasing. I'm just about 20 yrs old, so I'm making best use of my natural production of testosterone and growth hormone, which will peak at 25. So 5 more years of gains. For now, my eyes are set on Musclemania India 2015. You will see a much bigger me compete in Physique Mumbai in 5 months."

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