Follow the Dream

Priya Binion just sent in her profile. She says "I am a fitness athlete/model. A 1st generation Indian American, I'm a 34 year old mother of 2 (ages 11 & 7), and have been happily married for 13 years. I've been active my entire life. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, my love affair with weight training began at the age of 17. Understanding my family's poor medical history and seeing my mother battle diabetes my entire life (she has since passed), I made a lifelong vow to stay active and eat healthy. Upon graduating from high school, I became a certified personal trainer, and trained clients off and on for 12 years, through college and post baby #2. Over the last 17 years, I've had the opportunity to work with some great trainers, nutritionists, and coaches as well. I became a fitness athlete for a number of reasons, but my ultimate goal is to become a 'health & fitness' ambassador for the people of India. I want to teach and inspire Indian especially. I would also like to spread awareness about the sport of fitness/bodybuilding throughout India too. I believe I'm an example of what it means to break social and cultural barriers to follow a dream. I understand competing and modeling in the industry will give me the exposure necessary to make my aspirations come true. I am also actively seeking sponsorship and collaboration opportunities!" At 5'4" and 51kgs, she'll be competing in Model India in Mumbai this September.

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Classic Aesthetic Physiques

Physique and Model India star and top 2 finalist Farhan Wasti practising kicks at the beach in Mumbai. His romance with fitness began with taekwondo. He and his younger brother Farzan Wasti are both black belts in the marital art. They both owe their classic aesthetic physiques to the years of discipline. They only started lifting a few years ago and have patiently given their bodies time to grow. At 5'8", 75kgs, Farhan will again take on the country's best natural models and physique athletes this September in Mumbai.

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Curvy, Fit & Feminine

Mumbaikar Shweta Sakharkar has played volleyball for her school, college and various clubs in her mid teens. She then started with football refereeing, post her training at Bombay's Referee Association. Shweta says "I come from a family that's always been  very supportive of whatever I've wanted to do. Dad was quite the heart-throb in his younger days, when he was a fitness enthusiast, and continues to be one today. He also encouraged mom when she wanted to switch to fitness as a career, and she's been a fitness trainer since my schooling days. Mom and Dad are my biggest sources of inspiration. They are unlike the old-school Indian parents who call sports and arts "hobbies" rather than a career-path. Post refereeing, I started lifting, and am in love with it for about a year now." Born and raised in Mumbai, the Hollywood and New York of India, almost all of her friends are from the fitness, sports, dance, b-boying, modeling and movie industries. "Such a friend's circle is not only influential in your lifestyle but also acts as a massive support system, pushing you to excel in what you do. I believe in being curvy fit, more feminine like a Jessica Vasquez, and am working towards reaching the world stage as a top model and bikini athlete" she says. At 5'4", 52kgs, this sultry and stylish 23 year old lifetime fitness enthusiast is looking forward to make her debut at her first international platform, Model India at Musclemania India this December.

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