No Excuses

So you're trying to say that it's your married life and kid s, along with household priorities and a career which holds you back from being fit? Meet Priya Binion, a mother of two kids, a loving wife and an entrepreneur, who traveled all the way from Texas to fulfill her dream for fitness. Despite of keeping a busy schedule, combining of professional and personal life, Priya prepared herself ignoring all the odds which came on her way, and stomped the competition at Musclemania India womens Physique 2015 at Mumbai. The 35 year old Fit mother says "If I can do it being a mother and being all natural then I think every lady can do it keeping their excuses aside. I always wanted to be looked upto as a role model for all the ladies who aspire to be fit, also to the ones who somehow compromise with their daily life as an excuse to stay unfit. I am a mother of 2 kids(12&8 years old), I don't think I can lead with a better of example of fitness in the society where my 12 year old daughter workouts with me three days a week getting inspired from her mother itself." Priya is now preparing for Musclemania Texas and is all set to hopefully bag the title there too. "Musclemania India is one of the biggest opportunity not to be missed by all the natural athletes out there in India who intend to make a career in fitness and prove their worth," exclaims Priya