Not an Easy Job

Musclemania India bodybuilding Champion Bineet Bose looks insane with the pump last week. Bineet says, "It is the aggression that makes me lift heavier, resulting in the growth, as being lifetime natural is not an easy job." The 170 cm, 159 lbs, 26 year old Delhi based will compete amongst 300 natural athletes this year at Mumbai.

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Getting Thicker by the Day

Dr. Suresh Kumar getting thicker by the day as he preps for MM Chennai. "I'll be honest, my legs were weak but training them thrice a week till I puke has added over an inch on each of them in the last 4 weeks. And they don't kid when they say lower body Training produces the highest amount of growth hormone naturally. My upper body pump is even better than ever before and it happens on legs day! Loving front squats. Just a tip: do them like a clean and squat. Rather than cross handed. Will blast your arms shoulders abs and forearms." The 5'10" 87kgs rising Natural star will compete in both men's physique and bodybuilding heavyweight divisions.

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Pursuing for Fitness Career

"Monster" Marshal Michael missed last season's contest due to uncontrollable circumstances but he's bigger and better this year. "I first started training about 8 years ago when I had a regular job. My accident a year later destroyed my knees and it took some courage and a lot of support from my loved ones to come out of it. When I left my job to pursue my passion for fitness, my traditional minded family was totally against it. But over the last 7-8 Months is when they've started appreciating what I do and that's motivation enough for me to push harder. This is my best condition ever and I will only get better over the next 3 months on road to Musclemania India." At 5'11" and 85kgs, Marshal will compete in the Physique tall class and give tough competition for the overall title with even his existing physique. He's currently working with Core Fitness Station in Hyderabad, a relatively new but increasing popular club with plans to aggressively expand across major cities.

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Striking the Pose

Hailing from Korba in Chattisgarh, Mukesh Kumar Gupta striking his favorite side chest pose. He says "I've always been disciplined because I love what I do. On my road to Musclemania India, I'm practicing posing a LOT. To be a great competitive bodybuilder, yes, the body must be great, so it's a given that your training nutrition and rest should be on point. However, competitive bodybuilding requires you to showcase your physique in the most spectacular way, and showmanship is what wins shows."

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Classic Aesthetic Physiques

Physique and Model India star and top 2 finalist Farhan Wasti practising kicks at the beach in Mumbai. His romance with fitness began with taekwondo. He and his younger brother Farzan Wasti are both black belts in the marital art. They both owe their classic aesthetic physiques to the years of discipline. They only started lifting a few years ago and have patiently given their bodies time to grow. At 5'8", 75kgs, Farhan will again take on the country's best natural models and physique athletes this September in Mumbai.

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Natural Platform!!!

Vivek Rock Trained for 8 years but never competed before Musclemania India last December. He says "I only decided a day before the competition because there never was a natural platform, and placed 3rd. But now I'm training to win. I've put on a good 8kgs since then and will come in with a much better lower body in 3 months." Francesca went on to be crowned the number one natural women's physique athlete in the country. She'll soon be a doctor. "Studying to become a doctor and managing bodybuilding is hard, but hey, if I can do it so can you!" she exclaims. She serves as an inspiration to the country's women. Due to a month long injury, she was off training and was not compete in Miami Universe last weekend and is aiming at FITNESS America in Las Vegas this November.

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Life Changer

Physique India top 3 finalist Pranav Saini with a ear to ear wide smile 12 hours before the inaugural contest last December in Bangalore. He says "Musclemania® had changed my life. At 5'6" and just 67-69kgs, I never stood a chance in those local contests where highly enhanced athletes compete, easily 20kgs heavier than me. So I was really excited to hear about the world's leading natural federation's entrance into India. It will give natural athletes like me the opportunity to compete in a fair level playing field. There's thousands like me. I can't wait to compete again this year and will come in slightly heavier than last year. Best wishes from Punjab"

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Challenging Journey

This Punjabi's family couldn't afford to send him to school. When he was 14, he had to stop his education. But his father felt he needed some form of structure in his life and said he would pay the 75Rupees per month fee needed for him to go to the gym and train. He was just 5'5" and 44kgs when he entered the gym. Now at 5'10.5" and 85kgs, Updesh Saluja has come a long way since then. He says "I just fell in love with the gym the moment I entered it, although it was a really oldschool gym. I saw this monstrous guy destroying the weights. When I asked him how he made it happen, he said nothing in the market can buy you this, only hard work can. I promised myself that day to be one of the best athletes in the country. 5 years later I moved to Delhi with 2Rupees in my pocket and landed a job for 13000Rupees a month, the first thing I did was buy whey protein. I feel blessed to have embarked upon such a challenging journey and have a whole lot of experience to help others. From a guy who came from humble beginnings, I became the most successful club manager at Anytime fitness in Delhi. I've recently placed 3rd in a prestigious fitness modeling contest with over 500 contestants in it and have now moved to Mumbai managing Anytime Fitness in Oshiwara. I have my eyes set on Musclemania Internationally and am working towards becoming an international champion at this platform."

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Own the Stage

Musclemania® Physique India champion "Lazer Mazher" Hamlaani is a master of physical illusion, never failing to look easily 10-12 pounds heavier than his actual weight. Clearly, he's taken his physique to a whole new level over the last 4 months since winning the inaugural show. "I've had no problems keeping my bodyfat low. My musclemass increases a bit once every few weeks. But I'm working on that illusion. Stay light, look huge." he says He continues "For a while I did doubt if I'll be ready to face those monsters in June, but then some of my closest friends and mentors told me I need not bother about anyone else. Rather, just focus on developing myself to be the best I can and that most competition winners are those who are really confident of themselves and own the stage. Moreover, they said they're confident my physique is so unique, I will definitely grab lot of attention and be tough competition. That's what motivated me to give my all, full force, and there's no stopping me now!" With just under 3 weeks for Musclemania® Universe Championships in Miami, follow Mazher Hamlaani as he trains to be the first ever Indian to become a Musclemania® international PRO.

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Much Bigger Me

20 year old Mumbaikar Aakash Mohan has packed on a good 10 pounds since his appearance at Mumsclemania India last December. "Being an ectomorph, it's hard for me to put on both Muscle and fat. But with intense bodybuilding discipline, my musclemass is slowly but surely increasing. I'm just about 20 yrs old, so I'm making best use of my natural production of testosterone and growth hormone, which will peak at 25. So 5 more years of gains. For now, my eyes are set on Musclemania India 2015. You will see a much bigger me compete in Physique Mumbai in 5 months."

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