Super Hero Vikas

They call him "Superman" for running 400 mtrs in 47 seconds and being one of India's most shredded physique athletes and models. Vikas Puthran from Mangalore has represented India at various international athletic meets for over 14 years and has trained at the Bayern Leverkusen football club in Germany. He says, "But even superman has a superhero.  My Dad is the man behind my success who unlike the traditional Indian parent never dreamed of his son becoming a doctor or engineer. He put in his sweat and blood to give me the best of training facilities. Today all the credit goes to Mom and him. I won a local pageant recently and am training hard to be my best ever at Musclemania India. Excited to step on the greatest international platform to compete with the best in the country. I believe in working hard and leave the rest for destiny to choose. My ambition in life is to acquire as much as knowledge as possible and deliver the same to others because I believe in sharing what you know. I dream to be the youth icon of the nation and set an example for the younger generation to do what you are the best."