Keerthan Barke Naik is always full of energy and loves to try new things. Being a sportsperson all my life fitness was always part of my lifestyle. Most people land in a dilemma during early twenties about choosing the right career path and I was one of them. Having done my engineering in Electronics and Communication I landed a job in Iraq working as an IT admin for a Qatari company serving the American Military. It wasn’t my passion even a tad bit. I came down to India at the end of my contract period and went into deep contemplation mode sitting by a beach in my hometown of Mangalore. That is when I made a decision to do my Masters in a field that I was associated for the most part of my life- Sports.

Loughborough University is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Receiving the offer letter at one end and graduating with a merit on the other were just small bits of the story. What I was involved with apart from academics is what made me what I am now. Loughborough University is ranked one of the top sport universities in the UK and I was proud to be part of it. I got involved with a residential hall for which I played most of the sports that included Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Athletics, Handball, Badminton to name a few. I was thankful to one for one of the best and massive gyms in the UK, ‘The Powerbase’, for helping me keep fit for the whole year so I could be part of the sporting fraternity. I was involved with a local athletics club, Charnwood AC, where I improved on my sprint speed thanks to my coach. But, recurring shin splints put me off sprinting thankfully towards the end of the academic year. After my return to India I made a move into fitness by getting a job as a fitness instructor with Zuese fitness, Mangalore based on whatever knowledge I had considering my sporting experience. I wanted to change people’s lives by helping them down the path of healthy living . I moved to Mumbai after 5 months to pursue my ACSM certification in personal training which I just recently completed. Currently I have a Level-1 certification in Kettlebell from EKFA and using all the knowledge I have gained I freelance to earn whatever it is I can so I can provide myself with planned nutrition to go with my periodised training program which I also do for my clients

I was really excited when I heard that Musclemania was coming to India and I have upped my preparations ever since and I have the ultimate backing and support of my family. I am sure I will do my best to make my presence felt on stage.