20year old Alester D'Souza had competed last year in Model India. He says he's learned a lot from the contest prep and mainly from the competition. It's made him more focused. He's applied for the FITT Club and Supple Mart sponsorship auditions this Sunday. He says "I've achieved this physique with years of hard work. During my schooling, I competed in a number of athletics competitions. While pursuing my engineering, I've given my best to develop an aesthetic physique and competed in the university's bodybuilding contest last year. When I heard that the world's leading natural bodybuilding show Musclemania was coming to India, I decided to participate in the event. Due to limited budget as a student I was not able to give my best at the event. But since Musclemania India i've learnt a lot about my weaknesses ss and worked on them. The experience I got on the Musclemania sclemania stage has helped me win "Mr. Konkan" 2014. After Musclemania I've put on 18lbs of lean mass. This year will be participating in sports model and musclemania junior divisions. Apart from my physique this year I've already started on the posing routine."
It's obvious Alester is highly determined and has made great progress over the past 6months. But will he get the sponsorship? We'll find out soon.