"Monster" Marshal Michael missed last season's contest due to uncontrollable circumstances but he's bigger and better this year. "I first started training about 8 years ago when I had a regular job. My accident a year later destroyed my knees and it took some courage and a lot of support from my loved ones to come out of it. When I left my job to pursue my passion for fitness, my traditional minded family was totally against it. But over the last 7-8 Months is when they've started appreciating what I do and that's motivation enough for me to push harder. This is my best condition ever and I will only get better over the next 3 months on road to Musclemania India." At 5'11" and 85kgs, Marshal will compete in the Physique tall class and give tough competition for the overall title with even his existing physique. He's currently working with Core Fitness Station in Hyderabad, a relatively new but increasing popular club with plans to aggressively expand across major cities.