Musclemania® India Classic Junior Champion Vipin Raj says, "I've seen many fitness guys and bodybuilders (especially in India) with amazing physiques but they don't fucking know how to present their physique. They don't know how to pose. Now posing not only means the mandatory poses for bodybuilding competitions but there are many ways of posing! Even for photo shoots or fashion shows you need to know how to pose. I always practice posing in between my workouts and sometimes I give some extra time after workouts to posing. About 10-15 mins twice a week is enough to set a flow in your posing. One of the main factors for my win at MM India🥇was my posing routine. If you want to learn posing, I'll soon be launching a FREE posing routine program on my YouTube channel for you guys❤️🙌🏻! Let's get 2020 in style!"