How far are you willing to go to follow your passion? 25 year old Management graduate Marshal "Monster" Michael was expelled by his family, and was ignored by his friends when he decided to let go of his cozy job with a MNC and make fitness his life. What's worse, he also has a broken leg. Marshal says "My parents are old-school highly conservative Indians who consider sports and arts as just extracurricular activities and hobbies. My dad being a school teacher doesn't help that thinking one bit. I've been passionate about athletics from my early school days. I've competed and placed 1st and 2nd in 400m relay and 1.5km races respectively. In 2007, I met with a devastating accident. A speeding vehicle hit my right leg, leaving it completely broken. A permanent rod was placed in place of my shin. I wasn't able to walk. Doctors said it will take me a year to even stand, but I never gave up! I pushed myself hard, and in 3 months, not only did I start walking, but also started working out for the 1st time and from then, there's been no turning back!I've been lifting for 7 years now, and never missed a workout even when working 4 years in the night shift. I am the same age as Musclemania, it'll be great to be on stage at the inaugural Indian edition." He says his dreams are finally coming true. All the trials and tribulations paying off. He was one of the brand ambassadors for a major fitness expo in March this year, post which he was assigned regional manager for a group of leading supplement brands. He's also developed a loyal fan following over the years, who are all inspired by his determination to succeed in what he loves doing the most. Entering with 181cm and 187 pounds of muscle, and the heart of a champion, Marshal will be one of the most passionate athletes to compete at Musclemania India Physique championships this December in Bangalore.