Welcome to the Musclemania World Championships! Currently in its 25th season, the event has become a leader among natural bodybuilding events. With exclusive, international television coverage on networks like ESPN International, Musclemania is the most recognized natural contest in the world. As bodybuilding`s first and only tour of this level, Musclemania took a bold and challenging step forward by declaring that it was a natural and drug-tested event. It has quickly become the world`s most popular natural bodybuilding competition. Musclemania continues its worldwide expansion this season, including Musclemania India in Bangalore in their destinations.

Musclemania India will be introduced by three of the world`s most popular natural athletes, including MM Pros Ulisses and Simeon Panda, along with Ms. Bikini America Jessica Vasquez who will train on the following topics:
- Nutrition, food, fluids, proteins, carbs and fats
- Sports supplementation and contest prep
- Training methods, forms, movements, sets & reps
- Achieving an awesome and natural physique
- Maintaining a lean, muscular physique all year round
- Posing, stage presence and show preparation
- Getting into the fitness industry and building your brand
- Building your social media profile and public recognition

Note: All the ticket-holders will get a Musclemania T-shirt free.

Urvashi Theatre : Bangalore

Urvashi Theatre, 40, Lal Bagh Road, Bangalore