Musclemania® India Classic Yash Sharma says, "My reaction when someone says you don’t need to train heavy to be aesthetic."

"Eat big, lift big and get big. Now lifting heavy doesn’t mean someone else’s heavy. Heavy means what’s challenging for you. Training heavy means working with weights that challenge you but not at the cost of completely sloppy form, a lil’ body english is not an issue. Don’t think just doing ‘fancy’ stuff - drop sets, supersets and all that will make you grow. Heavier weight - progressive overload - getting stronger over time will make you grow. Bodybuilding is about making the movement as mechanically hard and precise and then moving as much weight as possible and increasing that load over time."

"Slow down your reps, control the weight, feel the tension, let it burn, use weight that allows you to do all of that and then when you think you’re done - do two more reps. That’s bodybuilding for you. Controlled destruction, controlled annihilation. Get strong, get big."

"We’ll all make it, all in due time."