At just 16 years old, Shivam Kataki won the teenage bodybuilding division at the Musclemania India 2015 National Championships. He also represented India at the recently held Fitness America world championships in Las Vegas. Being the youngest of over 600 competitors worldwide, he says "I've been lifting for 4 years but have played and won basketball and table tennis tournaments at state and national levels before that. However, I got hooked onto lifting and it has become my greatest passion." He continues, "I never thought of competing before Musclemania. There's no other natural show in the country, and what better way to start than with the pioneer of Natural bodybuilding. My grandmother whom I'm really close to was ill, but I got her blessings and somehow made it to Las Vegas. I never imagined winning the Nationals, forget about representing India in the world championships! I got to meet a lot of great and inspiring athletes and it felt like family to me. I learned a lot from them. Musclemania has changed my perspective on life and I'm excited to build my life with the fitness Universe family."