A Lifestyle

Kolkata junior Dipan Debnath says he's reached a super lean 70 kgs.! "My diet is so clean that some people think its boring. But for me, its a lifestyle and I know no other way. So, I am growing only lean muscle and when I compete, there won't be any reason to diet."

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Back at it!

Musclemania® Pro Pranav Raj is out of his cave and back in the gym! The 5'8", 87 kgs., 25 year old says, "Three years was a long time without a contest goal, but I'm back and training for MM America in Hollywood. I got back on my diet two weeks ago, so I'm looking to see changes every day and show you a bigger, leaner and more symmetrical physique in the coming months."

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Masterful Symmetry

At 5'11", 76 kgs., 24 years old, Rahul Joshi blessed genetics and masterful symmetry creating the perfect physique. He has a 6 month transformation for Musclermania® India and show what mountain musclemen can achieve.

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Hard Work & Effort

Sachin Rajput says, "With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything." The 5'11", 78 kgs., 20 year old, is in final year of his BSC Biotechnology. Sachin is lifetime natural, has been training for 4 years and prepping for Musclemania® India this season.

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Night Training

At 6', 64 kg, 24 years old, Vishal Akhare says he trains at night for better muscle growth & recovery. "I workout 5 x week and respond to what my muscles tell me what has recovered and ready for training, again," he explains. "My dream is to achieve my fitness goals, make my parents proud and compete in natural competitions."

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In Love with the Commitment

At 6', 80 kgs, 28 year old, natural athlete Nikhil Rawal has been bodybuilding for 6 years. "I love training, eating clean and the commitment," he asserts. "Currently I hitting double body part and doing cardio 3 three x week in the mornings."

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Shine in Public

"Hurt in private, Heal in silence, Shine in public," says Delhi natural Rahul Thakur. The 5'11", 76 kgs., 26 years old, lifetime natural is focused on gaining lean muscle while cutting bodyfat at the same time. "Currently I'm training 6 days per week with disciplined nutrition including 5-6 balanced meals with all the essential macros and micros. Protein 180-200 gm including lean chicken breast, 28-30 eggs, sprouts, oats and, of course, lots of carbs and bit fats too. Its a great mixed and helps me making lean gains."

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A Creative Physical Art

Musclemania® Pro Vipin Rathore says, "For me, bodybuilding has always been a creative physical art of motion and structure. Training is the composition and posing is the expression." Vipin will bring it all together at MM America in Hollywood in November.

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Keeping a Clean Diet

Clean, lean and classic, Guru Prasad Sahoo says, "Its all about the clean diet which I'm consuming." The 5'9", 73 kgs, 23 year old explains, "I always remind myself that my intake will display the clean food I eat."

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Fashion & Fun!

At 6', 67 kgs., 22 years old, Shavez Khan may not be the biggest in the gym, but he's into bodybuilding for fashion and fun! The law student has performed in many runway events and says he enjoys the audience rush on stage.

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