Biceps in Vegas

Lifetime natural Mohd Zubair lean front biceps at Musclemania® World in Las Vegas last month.

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Top Shape

Musclemania® World Junior Osman Misri showing his achievements at the shows over the years. Osman has worked harder each year to be at his top shape!

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Challenge Yourself

Musclemania® India Champion Bharat Singh Walia says, "New Years resolution is a tradition in which people decide or challenge themselves with whatever changes they want to make in their life. Just 5 years ago, I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle. Every single hour since then I have dedicated to my body. It's tough but only for those who thinks it is. I enjoy each and everything about it." At 5'10", 185 lbs., 21 years old, Bharat is a proud natural bodybuilder.

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Indian natural Tushar Uppal says, “I’m on vacation and I have an awesome view, but my dedication to staying lean while all these treats are around me, now that’s what makes true discipline.”

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Indian natural weight lifter Ajwad khan Nizamabad wishing everyone a positive new year.

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Tricep Flex

Masters natural bodybuilder Rahul Dev Manhas lean off-season tricep flexing.

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Tushar Uppal is the new Musclemania® India Junior Physique champion.

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