Bicep Explosion!

Natural bodybuilder Umer World bicep explosion! This natty beast says he does: 4 * 10, 12, 15, 15 : Ez Bar Curls 3 * 12, 12, 12 : Concentration Curls "Try holding the weights at peak contraction for a few seconds and slowly lowering the haven't experienced this kind of pump training before ;)"

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Locker Room Check-Up

Lifetime natural junior Asif Khan locker room check up. The 21 year old is in lean condition since his Musclemania® India debut.

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Days of Glory

Throwback from Musclemania® Heavyweight Suhan Khan. He says, "I'm missing those days of glory! it's been a while I haven't stepped on stage, hopefully this year will be my strong comeback. One life, love what you do."

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Natural bodybuilder Ajwad khan Nizamabad 'flex-thetics'!

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Musclemania® Junior Sunny Sharma attains physique goals even while offseason. The 21 year old natural is maintaining size for MM® India this season.

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27 year old fitness athlete Abhishek Gowda lean and ready for 2017. The lifetime natural says, "I've had a very athletic background growing up, I think I'm now ready to hit the Musclemania® India stage."

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Vision of Power

Natural bodybuilder Anant Sharma says, "In the twilight, it was a vision of power!" As he concentrates his efforts to bring his best physique to Musclemania® India this season.

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Hitting Targets

New to the scene, Indian natural teenager Himanshu Sharma hangs tight as he progressively hits his targets for growth this season. The 19 year old physique bodybuilder will be competing at Musclemania® India this season.

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Achieving Goals

Natural bodybuilder Mithil Pingle is on a quest to achieve his goals this year. He says, "I've been training hard for a long time to compete in Musclemania®, I had original plans but my injuries got in the way." He is training for MM® India this season.

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Passion…Or Not At All!

"Do it with passion, or not at all", says natural star Rahul Khanna. He is training for Musclemania® India this season. His current bulk has given him around 4 pounds of lean mass, but he says he also has to cut down a bit extra to strip away all the excess fat he has aquired on his bulk.

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