From a bouncer at a night club, to a celebrity fitness trainer, Mansoor "Lala" Sayed has come a long way. At 5'10", 76kgs, this 28 yr Mumbaikar old will be competing at the first Musclemania Physique India. He says "I was always interested in fitness but my family never saw a future in it. Initially, I started working as a bouncer at a night club to make ends meet. The low pay, stress and bad lifestyle made me unhealthy, unwell and way overweight. It left me depressed for a while, but then I gathered some courage to get into shape." He continues "In 2009, I started studying fitness and got certified to be a personal trainer. I first transformed my body as a first step, and then started training others. I've been fortunate to have friends in the industry who've supported me all along, and today, I am ready to compete. Yes, my life was dark for way too long, and it was really tough. But you know what? I realized that you can only see the stars at their brightest when it's the darkest. What better platform than Musclemania, whose stars like Ulisses Jr. I've long been a fan of, and followed regularly. I wish to set such fitness and health standards as they do; and someday, be a star someone in darkness looks up to."