Musclemania® Model India runner up Gijo John says, "It's not tough to he noticed being a Natural guy if ur training and diet is upto the mark depending on your goal". Gijo is currently training for a bigger symmetry with more proportion. "My future goal is to compete for the Musclemania Universe in Model division to get the trophy to my home country , so for that I'm looking out for a sponsors too.
My training is focused on to bring an huge & attractive physique to the stage
Current weight :74kg
Now training is based on lean gaining programme
By focusing on weak muscle twice a week , I train six a days a week
My diet includes of high amount of protein and fats
Where two a day a week i go up for carb load. I eat 8 meals a day by not missing any of the meal!." Explain Gijo. Gijo is looking for sponsors to compete in the Fitness Universe Championship in Miami Beach this June.