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Working Hard!

Musclemania India Classic Champion Vipin Rathore says "There are no secrets when it comes to achieve certain goals in life, you must stay focused, disciplined, dedicated, driven and patient. But always remember If you think you work hard, there’s others who works twice harder than you to get to the top."

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Keep Developing Your Craft

Musclemania India Classic Physique Champion Vipin Rathore says "Stay true to your vision and keep developing your craft because I promise you one day the world will know exactly what value you bring and how your work impacts the lives of others."

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The Right Approach

Musclemania India Champion Tushar Uppal says "Being a natural bodybuilder is hard to maintain the muscles while shredding, but with the right approach and good nutrition you can achieve that and have a fullness look on the stage." 

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A Balanced Life

Musclemania India Champion Dhanasekar playing with his dog in the morning " I always make sure to have a balance life between the gym, my family and friends, I don't recommend anyone to ignore everything in life to achieve one goal. life is about making a balance." he says. 

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