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Daring to Fail

"Dream big and dare to fail.” Quotes lifetime natural Vipin Rathore. He continues, "Having small dreams and being afraid to fail is the antithesis of this advice, and it’s something many of us do, even though we may not want to admit it. The two go hand in hand, if you are too afraid of failing you’ll keep your dreams on a leash. But if you overcome that fear, and jump out there fully willing to completely fail, you free your mind to dream up new adventures and goals for your life. Failure comes with trying, and a life of not trying will not leave you satisfied, so it’s good to continually put yourself out there."

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Cool and Collected

Indian athlete Rohit Pal cool and collected.

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Ten Days Later

The champ guest posing at Musclemania® Gurgaon. He will also be making guest appearances at Musclemania® Chennai next Sunday and at Mumbai ten days later.

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Natural athlete Rebesh Pradhan kite-like physique.

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Take on 200

At 5'9", 170lbs, Deepak Pawar is from Delhi and says he's lost 10kgs in two months on his road to Musclemania. With 6 weeks left to the first ever Musclemania Delhi, he'll take on 200 of the best natural athletes from North India.

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Physique Tall

Delhi's popular celebrity trainer Umesh Kumar is already show ready with 2 and half months to go for Musclemania Delhi. He says "I've been training for years now, with certifications and experience in heading group classes for kickboxing, power yoga, Pilates, power lifting and crossfit. I love learning new training techniques and implement them in my training and in my classes." At 31yrs of age, 5'11" and 75kgs, Umesh will take stage in the Physique tall class division.

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Teaching and Inspiring

Priya Binion just sent in her profile. She says "I am a fitness athlete/model. A 1st generation Indian American, I'm a 34 year old mother of 2 (ages 11 & 7), and have been happily married for 13 years. I've been active my entire life. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, my love affair with weight training began at the age of 17. Understanding my family's poor medical history and seeing my mother battle diabetes my entire life (she has since passed), I made a lifelong vow to stay active and eat healthy. Upon graduating from high school, I became a certified personal trainer, and trained clients off and on for 12 years, through college and post baby #2. Over the last 17 years, I've had the opportunity to work with some great trainers, nutritionists, and coaches as well. I became a fitness athlete for a number of reasons, but my ultimate goal is to become a 'health & fitness' ambassador for the people of India. I want to teach and inspire Indian especially. I would also like to spread awareness about the sport of fitness/bodybuilding throughout India too. I believe I'm an example of what it means to break social and cultural barriers to follow a dream. I understand competing and modeling in the industry will give me the exposure necessary to make my aspirations come true. I am also actively seeking sponsorship and collaboration opportunities!"

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Pool Fun

Indian native Shreekanth Nair pool fun.

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Bicep Gains

Indian natural lifter Naveen De Ronnie salutes his bicep gains. He is training for Musclemania® India this season.

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Muscular Form

Haider Raza in muscular form!

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