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Hip Hop Bodybuilding

With the new Musclemania India approaching in December, so many new natural athletes are popping out from gyms across the vast and populous country. But one of the most interesting stories comes from Biswajit Basak, a 5'7", 150 lbs., former hip hop dancer who'll be competing for the first time. Here's his story, first hand:“I was inclined towards physical activities since school, with a long-time association with hip-hop dance. However, by the end of graduation, I had bulked up considerably with a waist size of 36” and being a hip-hop dancer was no longer easy. The day my mother could not recognise me from behind on the road was when I decided to take the leap for a self-induced transformation. For the next 5-6 years, looking good and feeling fit were my goals but it has been since the last 2 years and 8 months that the training has been more progressive and intense as never before. It feels good to be bettering with every session though I choose not to indulge in self-satisfaction. Working full-time in a bank and then training for 2 hours after a hectic day is quite a challenge, especially maintaining a strict diet which would not be possible without the constant assistance of my mother, who cooks my food completely separate from those for the rest of the household members. My father is very supportive; providing all the supplies I need. The encouragement I receive from the rest of my family and friends keeps me in the game while I concentrate on severe sessions of bodybuilding with 7 meals a day. This extremity of passion would not have been initiated had I not lived with Joshua Esin while working in [...]

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First Blood

"I was 5 when I first saw Sylvester Stallone in Rambo. Ever since, I wanted to look just like him" says 21 year old Saad Qureshi, a Mass Media student from Mumbai, who is now also a popular Indian fitness model. He continues "I wasn't really athletic in school, in fact was pretty skinny. But I always spoke of bodybuilding as a religion. At 17, I finally started lifting and never looked back. In my final year of BMM, I decided to change my passion into my profession. To me, more than popularity, it's about the daily efforts, blood and sweat you put in to set higher standards each time." At 5'10", 73kgs and 5% bodyfat, this Rambo fanatic is all set to draw "First Blood" on stage at the first Musclemania Model India competition this December.

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Motivation is overrated

27 year old personal trainer Surya "OX Diesel"  from Chennai thinks motivation is overrated. One of his favorite quotes is "Motivation is a short-term emotion. A "sometimes" feeling. Commitment, on the other hand, is an all-the-time state. Complete with all-the-time behaviours, standards, and a non-negotiable mindset. Unlike motivation, commitment is not fleeting, wavering or unpredictable. It is a constant. People who rely solely on the heightened emotional state of motivation to produce long-term positive change rarely succeed because their choices, actions and results are invariably determined by their ever-changing level of motivation. That is, their level of excitement, enthusiasm and focus on a given day. Some people will spend their lives at the mercy of their unreliable emotions rather than exploring their potential and possibilities via their strength, courage and conviction. Stopping and starting but rarely getting the job done over the long term. Thinking, planning and intending their way to nowhere in particular. When you are totally committed to your dreams, goals and values, your day to day level of motivation will be irrelevant and unimportant." At 5'8", and 156 lbs, this committed Bachelor of business administration is competing at the first Muclemania Model India ,in pursuit of his dream to be one of the top models worldwide.

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Laying down the Law

19 year old Law student Vetrivel from Chennai has always been a fitness fanatic. Currently pursuing Honors, he's also a district volleyball player and is brown belt in Karate. He says, " I am from an well educated family , my mom is a judge and my dad is a lawyer. Fitness and law are my life. It's a lifestyle choice I made years ago, and I have never compromised on it. I eat clean, train and study hard throughout the year. I don't feel the need to go out and party with friends. I am working towards becoming one of the top natural athletes on the planet". He continues "Believe that you're good enough, smart and beautiful enough. Don't let insecurity and society's perception on how you should run your life change your attitude towards your own reflection and personality". At 6 feet and an aesthetic 165 pounds, Vetrivel looks forward to "laying down the law" on stage this year at the first Musclemania Physique India.

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Triple Hit!

At 6'1", 187 pounds, Vishal Kothari from Udaipur won Silver in the Muscle Model category at Musclemania Asia 2014 in Singapore. He is working on bringing a unique look to the stage in his pursuit of being a global fitness icon and magazine cover model. He says, "I've studied anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, pharmacology, biochemistry and pharmacognosy in my graduation. Over the last 8 yrs, I've gotten certified at various levels by the American council on exercise.  Post being a Director at Gold's gym and Talwalkar's, I founded Vishal's Colosseum, where I've developed a system to train thousands of clients over the years, accumulating over 30,000 hrs of personal training." He continues "Having attended multiple fitness and bodybuilding conventions in past decade, I've met some of the greatest athletes including Musclemania Pro Chul Soon. I've spent the last year developing my physique and taking it to the next level. 10 years ago, I was a Gladrag's model and Mr. India contestant. Having successfully set up various studios, I am back on stage now. After my recent placing in Musclemania Asia, my goal is to win all three categories in Musclemania India: Physique, Muscle and Sports Model! I want to inspire my son Kohaan and show him that no matter how adverse the conditions are, face every challenge with a brave heart. Never give up on your ambitions no matter how long it takes!" 

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